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Zeus ZEU-5T
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General data
Tonnage80 t (37.5 t base)
Cost16,580,000 C-Bills
Template:Hardpoints Zeus ZEU-5T
Melee100 (+_ instability)
Death from Above200 (+_ instability)
_ damage to self
Template:Armor Zeus ZEU-5T
Mobility and detection
Speed120m walk / 200m sprint
max 4 Jump Jets (150m)
StealthVisibility: _
Signature: _
SensorsSpotting distance: _
Sensor range: _

Description[ | ]

The ZEU-5T is an extremely rare Zeus variant that was produced at the beginning of the Succession Wars. It boasts advanced weapons systems and incredible cooling capacity, while maintaining the better than average speed the Zeus is known for.

Loadout[ | ]

The default loadout of the ZEU-5T comprises of a LRM15, 1 LRM ammo, TTS (+1 Acc. Missile), 2 M Lasers, an ER L Laser, an ER PPC, and 7 heat sink [D]. Its max firepower is 215 and heat efficiency capability of sinking 102 heat, with an alpha strike of 108.