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Usage and Info[ | ]

The ECM Equipment is a defensive upgrade, primarily against LRMs and secondarily against everything but melee. It grants 'stealth' charges in an AoE field around the 'mech carrying it. Max 2 charges for the carrier, and max 1 for all allied, non-structure units, NPCs included. The field has a radius of 90 Meters in all directions around the carrier. Units entering the field on their turn gain a charge; Leaving the field removes said charge. The carrier moving the field into a unit without a charge grants them a charge; Units already in the field that do not have a charge gain one at the end of the carrier's turn. At the end/beginning of the round, all units in a ECM field gain maximum charges. ECM fields do not stack for more charges.

Any 'Mech may carry this equipment, not just DLC 'Mechs.

A unit with a stealth charge 'loses' that charge against units:

  • In support weapon range
  • Inside the field


  • All units if the unit is sensor locked

While they have a charge, they are untargetable directly. LRMs can not lock under any circumstances, save when the unit is sensor locked. Even with proximity or sensor lock, SRM and LRMs have a severe penalty to hit. [Information lacking at this time; Have yet to see above 50%] All other weapons behave as normal when unit is targetable.

Only attacking removes charges; All other active abilities, including Active Probe, do not break stealth, and all movement options are safe.

Name Type Effect Cost Rarity Slots Tonnage
X-1 ECM Equipment Ceres Arms ECM Field! 3,000,000 99 4 6