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I require your assistance with a personal matter, Commander. Meet me at the specified location, and come quick \u2014 my family needs your help.

Introduction[ | ]

Davinder Singh of the Free World League will briefly explain that a mercenary company (Arslan's Janissaries) has been attacking prominent League families, including his own, and that he requires the services of the player's company in order to counter them.

Mission 1[ | ]

Before we can eliminate the person responsible for attacking my family, we must identify him. His mercenary cat's-paws, Arslan's Janissaries, have a base of operations at our first drop site. You will seize the base from them. My forensics team will then scour their computers to put a name to their employer.

Capture Base - Badlands - 3 skulls difficulty - no tonnage restriction

Objectives[ | ]

  • Scout the Arslan's Janissaries headquarters
  • Destroy the headquarters' static defenses (4 heavy turrets)
  • Pacify the surrounding territory
  • Capture the Janissary base
  • Eliminate the Janissary reinforcements (2 mechs and 2 vehicles)

The four turrets guarding the base are of the heavy variety and can take significant punishment, but they should offer no real danger to a well-equipped lance. Once one of the player's mechs steps foot into the base's capture zone, Janissary reinforcements will arrive. These reinforcements will typically include two medium mechs (Crab CRB-20 and Blackjack BJ-1) alongside two medium vehicles (Bulldogs).

Debriefing[ | ]

Singh will congratulate the player after the mission and proceed to look for evidence, but shortly after he hangs up a second transmission will come through. The mysterious figure will claim that the current evidence at the base will falsely point blame toward House Steiner (of the Lyran Commonwealth) in order to trap Singh into starting a larger conflict. The figure instead offers to work with the player to temporarily satisfy Singh as well as make a lot of money. The figure wants to modify some of the data recovered in the recent base attack so as to point blame at one of Singh's many rivals, who just happens to have a well stocked armory on the planet ripe for looting.

Flashpoint Decision[ | ]

  • Agree to mislead Force Commander Singh for profit
  • Refuse the mysterious figure's deal

Mission 2A - misled Singh[ | ]

Mission 2B - refused deal[ | ]

According to the information my team pulled from the base you captured, our target - my enemy - is one Murdoch Dhawan, a small-time political extremist from Kilarney. He's here, in this base. Destroy him and you will be well rewarded.

Assassinate - Badlands - 3 skulls difficulty - no tonnage restriction

Objectives[ | ]

  • Eliminate Murdoch Dhawan (heavy mech)
  • Destroy Dhawan's bodyguard (typically 2 vehicles and 2 medium mechs)
  • Destroy the criminal battlemechs (typically 1 medium and 3 heavy mechs)

It appears that Murdoch Dhawan was hoping to spark a self-destructive war between Singh and House Steiner, but with the player's help Singh has been able to unravel the false evidence left at the base and identify Murdoch as the client who actually hired Arslan's Janissaries. This mission requires the player to take out Murdoch, his group of bodyguards, and an accompanying lance full of criminals in order to bring an end to Murdoch's plotting.

Proceeding directly north will result in both the bodyguard and criminal groups hammering the player at the same time, which can be a difficult fight for even the heaviest assault mechs. Splitting up the enemies is possible, for instance by initially proceeding through the water to the east and looping north on dry land toward the criminal battlemechs, but the bodyguard will move to join in the fight as soon as they can. Murdoch himself will have a heavy mech but usually stay at the rear of the fight, possibly lobbing salvos of missiles if he has a mech like a Catapult.

Debriefing[ | ]

Singh is reasonably pleased by the circumstances: his true enemy is dead, the framing of House Steiner has been foiled, and the player also alerted him to a mysterious figure seeking to interfere in his affairs. As a reward he gives the player a payout of 900,000 C-Bills, some rare parts/salvage, and a significant increase to the player's reputation with the Free Worlds League.