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  • Jump Distance11

    Weldry is a planet in the Aurigan Reach in Battletech.

    Description[ | ]

    Weldry is a cold world with a thin atmosphere that's only breathable in the lowlands and valleys. The highlands are barren, windswept, uninhabited ice. The highest form of life is a vicious stinging insect that can form mile-wide swarms - and of course, humans. Ever since the rise of the Aurigan Directorate, the planet took a turn for the worse. Director Espinosa turned a fringe hellhole into a fringe hellhole full of his political enemies. A new prison facility, lovingly dubbed the Icebox by locals, was constructed with the aid of the Taurian Concordat and holds both his enemies and hostages - the most notable being the family members of the Houses forming the Founding Council.

    As such, it is a priority target for Kamea Arano and Alexander Madeira of the Arano Restoration. Cracking the prison and releasing the hostages would remake the political landscaping the Director engaged in over the past three years practically overnight.

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    Strategy[ | ]

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