Weaponry in the BattleTech universe can be classified into four main categories.

Ballistic WeaponryEdit

Ballistic weaponry relies on the firing of ballistic, non-homing projectiles such as bullets or shells. These may be direct fire (such as a bullet) or indirect fire (such as an artillery shell). Ballistic weapons are generally very powerful but very heavy, and generate little if any heat. Range varies widely depending on the type of weapon and ammunition.

Energy WeaponryEdit

Energy weapons fire a variety of energy beams or special projectiles rather than a traditional projectile consisting of metal/explosives. The range of an energy weapon generally is related to its energy output - more powerful beams or projectiles stay cohesive and damaging over longer ranges. Energy weapons use up considerable reactor energy and therefore generate considerable heat, but do not require ammunition and are generally not very heavy.

Missile WeaponryEdit

Missiles are self-propelled and generally guided projectiles which explode upon contact with the target. Missiles vary widely in range and damage, depending on the type of missile. Missile weapons are relatively balanced between weight, heat usage, and ammunition capacity.

Artillery WeaponryEdit

Artillery is used for long range bombardment of an enemy and is generally only used in larger engagements.