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War Council
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General data
TypeStoryline mission
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leads to:
Defense Smithon

War Council is a storyline mission in Battletech.

Synopsis[ | ]

The Taurian Concordat is now at war with the Restoration, assisting its puppet, the Directorate. The situation is dire: Ostergaard's forces have liberated Victoria, executed lord Simon Karosas, and are striking - hard - across all fronts against the forces of the Restoration. Smithon is once again suffering the most under their yoke. The council with Ana Maria Centrella reveals that the likeliest reason behind the Concordat's support is strategic: The Directorate makes for a convenient pawn and buffer against the Federated Suns and House Davion, especially in the wake of the Perdition Massacre.

The option offered by Lady Centrella is hardly palatable: Wait for an opening to manifest itself and for information that could drive a wedge between the Concordat and the Directorate, and most definitely not attack Smithon and Ostergaard.

Walkthrough[ | ]

This mission bridges the gap between the landing on Atru and the war with the Directorate.