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War Boar
Siegfried Krauss
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  • Backer
  • Nobility
  • Military
  • MechWarrior
  • Lyran
  • Sensor Lock
  • Improved Indirect Fire
  • Siegfried "WarBoar" Krauss is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    Siegfried Krauss, born to a noble Lyran lineage, educated at the best Lyran school, and appointed to the most prestigious and safest of positions in, has a nemesis.

    It's his only explanation for how he could go from that most prestigious of positions, to enlisting in a BattleMech corps. It's his explanation for how he went from a ranking position in the BattleMech corps to wandering the Inner Sphere. It's even his explanation for how, once he settled at Solaris Vii and built up his own stable, he threw it all away to become a mercenary in the Periphery.

    Siegfried Krauss doesn't deal with breakups very well at all. But he can't seem to help falling in love. And, of course, who can resist falling in love with him? If only they'd stay in love. If only all sparkling-eyed brunettes would just stay away. If only, once the relationship ended, he could stand to stay where once he'd had so many happy memories. But he can't. It simply hurts too much.

    His Nobility tag often comes into question. This Mechwarrior can become argumentative and sometimes just agreeing with him that "Burger King" is a real status tends to be easier. If he becomes unruly in one of these enraged states, it's best to assemble the crew and construct him a cardboard crown. "For hes a jolly good fellow" should be sung in unison at least 3 times or until the redness in his cheeks subsides.

    Strategy[ | ]

    The best Mech for this pilot is the agromech, as it can handle strenuous loads much better than a battlemech and does not include an ejection pod. If you choose to place him in a mech with an ejection pod, it's best to disconnect its activation device. A previous employer reported an incident of unnecessary ejection when Siegfried piloted an urban mech into a flock of seagulls and became spooked while on a training exercise. It took 3 days before they were able to dislodge him from a massive tree. Resulting in local govt. fines, causing bankruptcy, forcing the broke mercenary unit "League of Gentlemen of Battle Traveling and Quarreling" (aka LGBTQ) to disband. It should also be noted; assigning Siegfried to a BL-6-KNT will result in the mech being spray painted white and a large mess in the mech bay.

    You may also consider confiscating any communication devices he may have, as he tends to create false relationships in his head with women he has barely met in passing (mostly brunettes) and repeatedly texts them. This usually gains attention of Comstar's security through complaints and could lead to the scrutiny of your organization.

    It's best to confine this pilot to his quarters during any shore leave. Any attempt to take him out drinking or to a night club will result in a lecture on "respecting women", "what real craft beer is" and "why the fedora is a superior hat". Often times he will spend his whole paycheck taking "ladies of the night" to extravagant dinners and purchasing expensive jewelry for them. In these instances, he is known to return to ship to ask for his next paycheck in advance.

    Meals should also be served to this pilot in his quarters. He habitually eats off others plates without asking and vapes at the table.

    Furthermore, avoid recreating the triple f burger. He does not have health insurance and you don't have the plumbing requirements.