3025 Valkyrie1

Production information
ManufacturerCorean Enterprises
Technical Specifications
Mass30 tons
ChassisCorean Model 1AA
EngineOmni 150
Jump JetsNorse Industries 3S
Armament*1xLRM 10

The Valkyrie was originally planned for use by the SLDF but production of the 'Mech did not start until after the fall of the Star League. Because of this odd twist of fate the only nation that possesses a large number of Valkyries is the Federated Suns. During the Succession Wars the Valkyrie became the standard light 'Mech of the AFFS in the lace of 'Mechs like the Wasp and Stinger. While not as fast as either design the Valkyrie has an almost comparable ground speed, heavier armor and a jumping distance just 30 meters shorter of either the Wasp or Stinger.


The Valkyrie has an armament that consists of a Devastator Series-07 LRM 10 launcher and a Sutel IX Medium Laser. This mix of long and short-range weapons allows the Valkyrie to soften up other 'Mechs from long range then move in for a kill. Also when working as part of a scout lance the Valkyrie can operate in a fire support role.


  • 3025
    • VLK-QF - The QF model of the Valkyrie trades in the Medium Laser for a Flamer. This allows the 'Mech to work in an incendiary role and also acts as an excellent deterrent to infantry attacks.
  • VLK-QD - The QD Valkyrie is a major overhaul of the design. The chassis has been re-engineered to use Endo Steel construction and the armor has been upgraded t Ferro-Fibrous with CASE. The QD carries a Medium Pulse Laser and a LRM 10 mated to an Artemis IV fire control system.
  • VLK-QD1 - The QD1 is another major overhaul of the Valkyrie. It is powered by an extralight engine and built using Endo Steel construction. The Valkyrie carries an Extended Range Medium Laser and a LRM 15. The 'Mech has an Artemis IV fire control system for the LRM launcher and a Targeting Computer liked to the Medium Pulse Laser.
  • VLK-QD2 - The QD2 is an upgrade of the QD variant. It retains the Endo Steel structure and Ferro-Fibrous armor with Case. It carries two Extended Range Medium Lasers and a LRM 5 launcher.