Battletech Wiki

Description[ | ]

An odd overhaul of the Trebuchet the TBT-7K model does away with the LRMs in order to serve in a more direct-fire support role. What this design loses in missile power it makes up for in the flexibility of the weaponry it can mount.

Loadouts[ | ]

  • With an AC5, a PPC and a single SRM2, this mech's default loadout is interesting to say the least.
  • It is possible to fit an AC20 on this mech with a reasonable amount of armor and two medium lasers.
  • Another loadout that may see success is two SRM4's and two large lasers. The downside to this loadout is all of these weapons are mounted on the right side of the mech.
  • You can give this mech a weapons loadout similar to a Griffin, with a LRM10 and a PCC with enough tons left for jump jets and a decent amount of armor.

Strategy[ | ]

The default loadout of this mech is geared for long-range direct-fire, so pulling the SRM2 and its ammo for armor, jumpjets or heatsinks is an easy optimization. Its varied hardpoints and good speed make it flexible and applicable to many roles, so decide whether you want to focus on long range or short range and optimize accordingly.