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Trebuchet TBT-5N
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ChrPrfMech trebuchetBase-001 portrait.png
General data
Stock RoleFire Support
Tonnage50 t (23.5 t base)
Cost4,300,000 C
UixTxrIcon trebuchet.png
R. Torso
  • 1 x Missile
L. Arm
  • 1 x Missile
  • 1 x Energy
R. Arm
  • 3 x Energy
Melee65 (+65 instability)
Death from Above50 (+65 instability)
55 damage to self
C. Torso
L. Torso
UixTxrIcon trebuchet.png
R. Torso
L. Arm
R. Arm
Mobility and detection
Speed80 km/h
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: -25%
SensorsSpotting distance: Base
Sensor range: Base

Trebuchet TBT-5N is a Medium-class 'Mech in Battletech.


The Trebuchet 5N is a fire support 'Mech with extremely heavy armament for its size. Two LRM-15s allow for massive long range damage, while three Medium Lasers provide a solution for 'Mechs that venture too close. The main weakness of the 5N, however, is its paper-thin armor.


  • Optimized Stock Loadout - Relocate ammunition to Legs, and possibly drop some or all Medium Lasers for more ammunition
  • Fast Brawler - 2 x SRM6 + 4 x Medium Laser give a respectable 196 damage Alpha Strike at close range. The Trebuchet would have enough tonnage left over to carry 2 tons of Ammunition, equip 5 Jump Jets, and have maximum front armor.
  • Fast Fire-Support - 2 x Large Laser + LRM15 w/ 2 tons of ammunition, or 1 x PPC + LRM20 w/ 2 tons of ammunition
  • Fast LRM Boat - 1 x LRM20 + 1 x LRM15 w/ 2 tons of ammunition. Alternatively, it can be run with 2 x LRM15 to free up tonnage for additional ammunition


  • The Trebuchet is on the light side due to the oversized engine, so it's best used as a fast flanker with lasers or SRMs or - better - an LRM platform, used for as long as you can't afford a better one. If speed is not as high a priority, the Centurion is a better missile platform.
  • One of the lightest dedicated fire support 'Mechs to be found, the Trebuchet 5N can mount enough missiles to give even heavy units pause. However, 'Trenchbuckets' are known for running hot and don't have much in the way of protection. Sell it once you get better mechs with three missile hardpoints.