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The Steel Beast is a flashpoint in Battlemech.

Description[ | ]

A Solaris gladiator has murdered my nephew, Arjun. With your help, I will see his killer brought to justice, Commander\u2014make him suffer and I'll make you rich.

Breakdown[ | ]

Mission 1
3 skulls you get salvage. Two enemy lances on the field, one lance infront and one in your rear, lance tonnage consists of mediums and heavies with -50% armor. The lance in your rear has a +1 difficulty adjustment so will probably consists of all heavies/assaults.
Mission 2
consecutive deployment. issue a challenge by sending holo vids out. so go take this holo vid base, 3 mediums and 4 turrets. Then your done, secure the base. reinforcements 3 mechs mediums when you do. 688,000 and 2 parts are yours when you win.
Mission 3
Fight fair send 1 50 ton to 1v1 him OR send in the whole squad. Spoiler: He cheats (DUH) 2 tanks 2 light mechs and his unique Crab vs your 50 ton.

Reward[ | ]

  • Standard fare: Money or salvage you wanted for mission
  • 900,000 & The big steel claw BSC-20 unique mech. plus 5 items ++ 0r + depending on your luck.
  • Reputation +35 lyran commonwealth +9 mech review board

Credits[ | ]

  • Astrolay: bringing you all the weapons and flashpoints!