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House Davion requests your assistance in the transportation and custodial exchange of a high-profile prisoner. Payment will be remitted when the asset is in our hands.

Upon arrival Lady Cunningham will inform you that local authorities have captured Ayasha Hadley, alias Atepa Sweeney and the Fox of New Avalon, who must be brought back to New Avalon for interrogation.

The Opportunist I - First Mission[ | ]

Escort Desert 3.5 Skull Rating No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

Ms. Hadley's prison transport is waiting for you on the planet's surface, commander. You will meet with it at the designated rendezvous point, then escort it to a distant repair bay. The personnel there stand ready to hold Ms. Hadley and patch up the prison transport APCs. When they're finished, you'll be free to pass on to the extraction point.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Secure the convoy rally point
  • Escort Hadley's prison transport to its destination
  • Protect the prison transport until the dropship arrives

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Destroy the bandit reinforcements
  • Ensure that all prison transport convoy units survive

The convoy consists of 2 x Vargr, 1 x Arvagr, and 1 x Sleipnir APC and the escort zone is a short distance away to the NE close to the landing pad. Bandits (1 x Shadowhawk 2D, 1 x Cataphract 0X, 1 x Thunderbolt 5SE) will appear and target the convoy. The Cataphract has ECM equipment so you'll need to target lock or close in to fire on it or nearby mechs. A second group of bandits (1 x Rifleman 3C, 1 x Thunderbolt 5SS, 1 x Dragon 1N, 1 x Cicada 2A) will arrive just as the APCs reach the escort zone. Fire on the mechs quickly to draw aggro before they destroy the convoy.

The Opportunist I - Second Mission[ | ]

Defend Base Desert 3.5 Skull Rating No tonnage restrictions Consecutive deployment

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Hold out for reinforcements (10 rounds)
  • Defend the fortified repair bay (4 of 8 must survive)

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Defend all target buildings from destruction
  • Destroy the incoming hostiles

Two lances of hostiles will appear with the first from the NE (1 x Wolverine 6R, 1 x Thunderbolt 5SS, 1 x Thunderbolt 5S) and the second from the West once the first lance is destroyed (1 x Cicada 2A, 1 x Archer 2S, 1 x Wolverine 6R, 1 x Thunderbolt 5S) . The second lance has line-of-sight to at least one of the buildings and will hammer them quickly with LRMs, making it very difficult to avoid losing a building as it can go down in one turn.

The Opportunist II - Flashpoint Decision[ | ]

Once complete you'll be informed that a repair pit crew chief is insistent that you talk with Hadley. You can either take or ignore the call, although only the refusal shows up as a flashpoint decision.

Flashpoint Decision: Refuse to take the call[ | ]

If you talk with Hadley she will offer you the coordinates of a trove of rare parts if you agree to split it with her. She says she has associates that will hold onto her half of the loot until she's out of prison.

Flashpoint Decision: Accept Hadley's offer[ | ]

Flashpoint Decision: Refuse the offer[ | ]

The Opportunist III - Third Mission after accepting Hadley's offer[ | ]

Target Acquisition Badlands 4 Skull rating No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

I'm glad you decided to listen to reason-Commander, you'd be surprised at how many so-called mercenaries lack the savvy to jump on an opportunity like this when it presents itself. Now, the LosTech cache I'm sending you after is close to our location, but there's a catch: it's sealed away in a defunct mineshaft. But I've got a way in, though. Follow my instructions, and we'll all get rich.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Take position at artillery control relay Alpha - minimum 1 unit for 1 round
  • Take position at artillery control relay Beta - minimum 1 unit for 1 round
  • Take position at artillery control relay Charlie - minimum 1 unit for 1 round
  • Obtain visual confirmation of the artillery targeting - 3 rounds after all targeting areas are taken
  • Move to the evac point
  • Escape before enemy reinforcements arrive

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

The mission objective is to move at least one mech into each of the 3 target acquisition zones for 1 turn, with a bonus for completing all 3 within 8 rounds. The enemy mechs start with reduced armor to even the odds a bit. Keep away from the center mine area as it will be hit with artillery 3 rounds after you take the target acquisition zones. You'll have 3 rounds after the artillery hits to extract so you'll want to start moving your mechs toward the evac point during the countdown. Note you may need to wait for the reinforcements to get the bonus for destroying incoming hostiles as evacuating before the time limit doesn't seem to provide any bonus pay.

After the mission ends you'll find there was no treasure and that Hadley has escaped with the repair crew chief. She'll send a message with the location of the stolen Davion ship so that your reputation with them doesn't suffer as much. Other comments indicate her escape will happen no matter which choices you make.

Flashpoint Rewards:[ | ]

Rare weapon and random salvage for flashpoint

1,000,000 C-Bills