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Remove description column from overview table[edit source]

I would strongly suggest to remote the "Description" column from the so called "Overview" table. The description is just too long, it increases the height of each row enormously. Like this, the table fails to provide an overview in my opinion. If we want to keep the description, I would suggest making a second table with it.

Movement speed : the game shows meters/turn, but this page shows km/h[edit source]

For players looking at this page, the km/h is not helpful and just confusing, as the game never shows movement speed that way. I have to constantly cross reference either with the in-game information or to mechs that I know their in-game speed by heart to compare speeds of mechs on this page. I am guessing the km/h comes from some tabletop table (? which most probably shows number of hexes), but it is really not helpful for the relevant game here: Battletech, the video game. Should we not simply show the number of meters (walk speed)? For example, Shadowhawk = 140m (5) Which is 140 meters per turn, and each hex is 24m in this game, therefore 5 or 6 hexes in practice I believe. --Baraz (talk) 01:14, 2 May 2021 (UTC)