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Viona Heinrici
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Viona "Succubus" Heinrici is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

Bio[ | ]

Viona Heinrici was born on Hesperus II in the Lyran Commonwealth to a family with a long history of working in and around the famous Defiance Industries BattleMech factory. While her father and brothers worked in the factory itself, her mother and aunts were pilots serving in defense of the factory, so naturally, Viona followed in their footsteps.

However, while she was still in training, there was a particular brutal attack on Hesperus II by the Free Worlds League. While the LCAF successfully defended Defiance Industries, a large portion of Viona's family were casualties of the assault. As a result, out of respect for her family's long service, Viona was allowed to finish her training but was refused a combat assignment.

Disappointed at not having a chance to put her training to the test, Viona chose to go to Solaris VII, where she found work in a stable and survived her first bout. Later, while training, she was defeated by a rough-edged older pilot from the Federated Suns. Fascinated by his gruff attitude, she immediately adopted him as her mentor. When he abruptly left Solaris VII, she tracked him down and then followed him out to the Periphery, which turned out to be an even more interesting place than Solaris VII. Now she works as a mercenary, staying in contact with both her mentor and her remaining family on Hesperus II, and thoroughly enjoying life.

Strategy[ | ]

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