Battletech Wiki

Initial Contact:[ | ]

An associate of mine on Primus is in desperate need of assistance. If you're open to a little subcontracting, I'll make it worth your while.

Flashpoint Info:[ | ]

  • Employer: The Draconis Combine
  • Opfor: Red Hare Irregulars
  • Engagement Length: Short
  • Consecutive Deployment: No
  • Bonus Reward: Rare Weapon
  • Tonnage Requirement: Light (Max Tonnage Requirements: 75 Tons/per Mech, 240 Tons Lance Total)

Upon arrival:[ | ]

On arrival you are informed that your contact in trying to curry political favor with a Capellian dignitary, and would like your help in doing so. They ask you to assist in taking care of whatever problem the dignitary ask of you before disconnecting and connecting you directly with the Capellian Dignitary.

Once put in contact with the dignitary they inform you that they would like you to track down and eliminate a target, Yuetu, who has caused multiple problems for them and harassed their family, along with any associates that get in your way. Do this and she will provide your contact the backing they need.

Succession I - First Mission[ | ]

Assassination Lowlands 2 1/2 Skulls (Weight limits: maximum 75 tons per mech and 240 tons total lance)

Objectives:[ | ]

  • Eliminate Commander Yuetu
  • Destroy Red Hare Irregular Mercenaries
  • Eliminate Red Hare Irregular Reinforcements

You start in one corner of the map with a lance of mechs directly in front of your starting location, with another located to the right across a small river that runs the length of the map. Cover can be found spread around the map and can assist greatly in making sure you don't have to deal with the entire enemy force at once. Attempt to eliminate the lance in front of you before taking out the reinforcements, or pushing forward and eliminating the target. The primary target in located behind the front lance.

Succession II - Decision Point[ | ]

Option A: Destroy Base (Weight limits: maximum 75 tons per mech and 240 tons total lance)

Option B: [info needed]