Battletech Wiki

Our allies in the Lyran Commonwealth have a special request for us. They insist that they can only give us details in person.

Drop 1: Drop weight limit 50 tons per mech - Assassinate. OpFor 1 Target plus 2 lances. (My play through had 4 heavies in one lance, and 3 heavies in the reinforcement lance)

Drop 2: Consecutive deployment (no weight limit) - Destroy base. Opfor 1 heavy lance protecting base, and 1 assault reinforcement lance.

Drop 3: Flashpoint Decision 320 tons or no limit (unsure if thats 320 min, or 320 max...). Recovery (beacon artillery strike). Opfor 1 heavy lance protecting base, and 1 heavy lance in the mountains. Destroying turret control releases 1 heavy allied lance. Base spawns 2 vehicles every few turns. If you don't evac quickly enough after artillery hits, 1 heavy reinforcement lance arrives.

Drop 4: Consecutive deployment - Escort (no weight limit). 1 Heavy lance guarding Convoy spawn point. Once convoy is released, 1 heavy lance spawns. When Convoy arrives at evac point 1 heavy lance spawns.