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Karina Marsin
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  • Nobility
  • Criminal This pilot’s checkered past has left them familiar with the criminal underworld.
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Karina "Spenthia" Marsin is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

Bio[ | ]

Karina Spenthia Yvonne Marsin, scion of the First Families of the Federated Suns, had the most ancient and noble of lineages. And, oh, she had a very fine education, the best of weapons, the shiniest of buttons. She had the wisest of older sisters and the kindest of younger brothers. And yet she was so, so bored.

There was so much she could get away without anybody noticing. So much nobody needed, they'd hardly even notice was missing. So much others were forced to do without. Not that she particularly valued giving away her scores to the poor. Except it did make her laugh to see her least favorite cousin's dress on a grubby nine year old.

One day, though, somebody did notice. Perhaps, perhaps because she'd wanted them to. Perhaps she'd gotten more and more brazen, more and more taunting, until they couldn't help but catch her, red-handed, black-suited. Oh, the looks on their faces!

But though she was a humiliation, though she was a scandal, still she was a Marsin. She skipped, singing, into her exile in the Periphery. There she did quite, quite well turning her hobby into a career. Until one day, she opened a vault that was much larger than expected and found her first BattleMech.

She may have lost it since: to a thief, a thief, a thief she'll find someday and - but, in any case, being a MechWarrior-for-hire is a nice change from the boredom of burglary. For now.

Strategy[ | ]

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