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Griffin GRF-1N

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→‎Loadouts: Added brawler loadout
* If you are wanting your Griffin to be able to take care of itself in closer quarters, swap out the LRM/10 in favor of 2x SRM/4's. This gives your Griffin something to use when it gets cornered, and can easily cause a mech to become unstable. The final extra ton can be spent on a heat sink to keep the PPC's heat under control while jumping.
* Alternately, if you haven't gotten a decent missile boat yet by the time you get to Panzyr, this mech can swap out the PPC for an LRM/15, giving it a salvo density almost equal to a Trebuchet or Catapult.
* The 1N variant can carry 3 x SRM6 w/ 2 tons of ammunition and full Jump Jets, with enough remaining tonnage to maximize front armor. This firepower, combined with the mobility offered by 5 Jump Jets allow the 1N to be a decent-to-good Medium-class brawler.
* The Hard-Point locations does make it significantly easier than normal to disarm.
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