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Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

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* Alternate loadouts are rangefinders in the head (because you're a spotter first, not a damage sponge), and support weapons to add to your melee mayhem. Keep JJ if possible, they are great for DFA and getting behind mechs to fire on their backs and then melee if your lance is keep pressure up front.
* It's a great training mech for late game spotter/damage sponge/melee brawler + indirect fire support lances. Also, because it's a brawler and good SRM boat, it also makes a good training rig for Guts/Tactics mechwarriors who will be VERY important in late game when you need the initiative boost and bulwark will effectively double the armor on your assault mechs! This means the Shadow Hawk doesn't multi-target and this build doesn't suffer from it.
** Because it's a walking target, don't assign your main character to this mech otherwise the AI will really single it out.
* You can fit an AC20 and a ton of ammo on the Shadow Hawk. Close up with the enemy and take shots that are almost guaranteed to smash whatever location they hit. Works particularly well with Breaching Shot (because it's just one weapon) and Precision Strike (blow off legs for knockdown potential). Then when you run out of ammo start bashing in melee. If you also remove the jump jets then you have additional weight to use on armour, though on some maps it limits your potential to get into firing, though if you don't do it then expect this build to cost a lot of money in repairs.
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