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* Additionally, any purchases, travel costs, and [[random events]] can affect your C-bill level instantly.
;Operating costs
* The <i>Argo</i> is a large, complex, and poorly understood piece of hardware on which your life depends, as well as your livelihood. Keeping it operational is the most important quarterly expense your company has, and this encompasses repairs, maintenance, supply replenishment, and a degree of luck. This represents the baseline operating costs and can can never be reduced.
* <i>[[Argo]]</i> upgrades range from repair of existing systems to replacement to installation of entirely new systems, facilities, and amenities. The engineers and techs responsible for these systems work constantly to keep everything running smoothly, and that work is expensive. Note that upgrades are permanent increases to the operating costs of the <i>Argo</i> and cannot be reduced, so choose wisely.
* Keeping a BattleMech in a state of combat readiness is expensive, even above the cost of any specific repairs. Between routine maintenance, resupply of consumables like ammo and armor, and the minor tinkering needed to keep centuries-old war machines operational, the costs add up quickly. To reduce this expense, you can move one or more of your readied 'Mechs to storage. Make sure you keep enough readied 'Mechs that you can deploy a full combat lance, though.
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