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Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

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* Better loadout then above is using 2 LRM15 instead of LRM10+LRM5. This reduces the heat by 3 but same dmg. Putting the LRM ammo in the center torso is dump idea since you can get ammo explosion in the one place you don't want it! Put the ammo in the legs instead and the jump jets should of course be in center torso. You want to use your jump jets when you got one of your legs destroyed I presume?
* The simplest alteration to the default configuration is to simply remove the SRMs for more armor. The Shadow Hawk's melee damage is the best of any medium mech by a significant margin, and it is mobile enough to use it.
Because the Shadow Hawk is blessed with battlefists from the optional TT ruleset, it has great melee output. Use it. It's fast, it can close in quick, act as a spotter for support LRMs which makes it a great close range brawler. Ditch the A/C and change the missiles to SRM6x2 in the torso and SRM4 in the head and keep the medium laser in the arm, add armor. Act as sensible spotter for rest of your lance and close in to finish off vulnerable mechs with SRMs for stability damage and melee if you need to cool off. JJ for DFA on downed mechs. Upgrade to + weapons as available.
* Alternate loadouts are rangefinders in the head (because you're a spotter first, not a damage sponge), and support weapons to add to your melee mayhem. Keep JJ if possible, they are great for DFA and getting behind mechs to fire on their backs and then melee if your lance is keep pressure up front.
* It's a great training mech for late game spotter/damage sponge/melee brawler + indirect fire support lances. Also, because it's a brawler and good SRM boat, it also makes a good training rig for Guts/Tactics mechwarriors who will be VERY important in late game when you need the initiative boost and bulwark will effectively double the armor on your assault mechs! This means the Shadow Hawk doesn't multi-target and this build doesn't suffer from it.
** Because it's a walking target, don't assign your main character to this mech otherwise the AI will really single it out.
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