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Raising the Dead

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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a storyline mission in ''Battletech''.
Thanks to the aid from Lord Karosas, in the form of an ancient SLDF decryption device, Farah has managed to unlock the secrets of the LosTech drive found onboard the Argo. The contents are stunning: A detailed map of the Periphery from the SLDF days, detailing military installations, fortifications, no-fly zones, the whole nine yards. Of greatest interest is the presence of a hitherto unknown Outpost Castle constructed in the Reach by the Star League: Castle Nautilus, on Artru. Hidden for centuries from prying eyes, the find is something Lord Madeira believes can help balance out the disparity in firepower between the Restoration and the Directorate, backed by the Taurian Concordat.
Of course, navigator Meyer has a bad feeling about it - not entirely unfounded, as the moment the Karosas fleet and the Argo begin preparations for landing and remotely opening the Castle, another dropship arrives at the scene, heading for the same spot. Kamea makes a judgement call and expedites the mission. Looks like it's never going to be easy.
* The game doesn't do you a solid in this instance, as you are deprived of one of your regular pilots and forced to bring Kamea along, without the ability to alter her loadout. She's a decent Gunner, but with unremarkable other skills (8/3/5/4) and her default loadout is decent, if uninspired. If you invested in traveling the world a bit and salvaged a few mechs, you might already be sporting heavies in the 70 ton range. Pack those to save a headache.
* Once you land, make your way to the marker at the armory. Farah will inform you that the regular approach doesn't work, so she'll try something different. And as it turns out, slightly stupid: The vents around the armory start spitting out SLDF drones like there was no tomorrow while the Argo goes dark. You have a total of six SLDF drones to take care of, appearing in front of the gate and behind you.
* After you wipe them out, it's time to face the second stage of the battle: The Castle will activate its defensive turrets, more drones will pop out, and you have no choice but to force your way in, as the automated systems are bound to knock the Leopard out of the sky with ease.


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