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Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

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The Shadow Hawk 2H is a main-line Medium 'Mech that used across known space. It excels at nothing, but does not lack in any single area. With Jump Jets and a mix of weapons, it can keep any enemy on their toes.
In the early stages of the champagne the Shadow Hawk SHD-2H is extremely versatile possessing lightning speed and decent armor. However the default load out is incredibly diverse, lacking the armament to deal satisfactorily with any target. So I present the following alternate loadout.
Missile Barrage:
L. Torso: LRM Ammo
Head: LRM-5
R.Torso: LRM-10 and LRM-15
R. Arm: M-Laser, S-Laser
C. Torso: LRM Ammo X2
L.Leg: (S) Jump Jet
R.Leg: (S) Jump Jet
Ideally all of the LRM's should have the + (stb. damage) modifier. This loadout is serviceable well into mid game, or until you posses a 'mech better suited to the role. The Shadow Hawk SHD-2H is fast and well armored allowing you to keep the enemy at range while launching stability affecting volleys into their formation, forcing them to back off and entrench or risk falling over. Pair this with a fast melee 'mech or a PPC sniper and you can salvage most things you come into contact with.
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