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Greetings Good Tagazeil, :bow:

What do you think of the idea of migrating the BATTLETECH Wiki to Paradox Wikis?

You likely know all this already... Paradox is BATTLETECH’s publisher. Paradox hosts the BATTLETECH Forum. Paradox also has Paradox Wikis, where the wikis reside for 20 of Paradox’ other games. While no promises or assurances have yet to be extended, I have contacted a Paradox Wikis Point of Contact and now understand that other Paradox games have had their Wikis migrated in the past.

To me, access, frequency of use/contribution and perhaps most importantly, availability for gamers new to BATTLETECH just might improve if the BATTLETECH Wiki were migrated to Paradox Wikis.

Here is a link to the Paradox forum side of this discussion:’-set-of-wikis.1302447/


Thank you for your time and patience. I look forward to our discussion on this topic.

v/r Steve “Prussian Havoc” Stroble

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