Battletech Wiki

Abilities are special actions the MechWarriors can execute in combat, depending on their skills.



  • MULTI-TARGET: Fire weapons at up to three separate targets within your 'Mech's current firing arc
  • SENSOR LOCK: Select any target within sensor range. Gain line-of-sight to that target, and suppress EVASIVE and all movement defense modifiers it has. Lasts until the end of the current round


  • PRECISION STRIKE (passive): When attacking with a single weapon: Ignore COVER and GUARDED on the target

BULWARK (passive): You gain GUARDED when remaining stationary (50% damage reduction against ranged attacks to the front and side.), EVASIVE MOVE (passive): Your Move action grants EVASIVE (50% chance to dodge all incoming ranged attacks until your next turn.) Does not apply to Melee Moves, or when UNSTEADY ANGEL OF DEATH (passive): Your jump distance is increased by 25%. You take 50% less damage when executing Death From Above attacks and do not become UNSTEADY

  • MASTER TACTICIAN (passive): +1 Initiative. This 'Mech loses UNSTEADY when reserved