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Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
Shadowhawk 2h
ChrPrfMech shadowhawkBase-001 portrait
General data
Stock RoleSkirmisher & Cavalry
Tonnage55 t (27 t base)
Cost4,600,000 C
  • 1 x Missile
L. Torso
  • 3 x Ballistic
UixTxrIcon shadowhawk
R. Torso
  • 2 x Missile
R. Arm
  • 1 x Energy
  • 1 x Support Weapon
Melee85 (+70 instability)
Death from Above50 (+70 instability)
60 damage to self
C. Torso
L. Torso
UixTxrIcon shadowhawk
R. Torso
L. Arm
R. Arm
Mobility and detection
Speed80 km/h
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: -25%
SensorsSpotting distance: Base
Sensor range: Base

Shadow Hawk SHD-2H is a Medium-class 'Mech in Battletech.

Description[ | ]

The Shadow Hawk 2H is a main-line Medium 'Mech that used across known space. It excels at nothing, but does not lack in any single area. With Jump Jets and a mix of weapons, it can keep any enemy on their toes.

Loadouts[ | ]

  • Optimized Stock Loadout - The simplest alteration to the default configuration is to simply remove the SRMs or LRMs for more armor. Make sure to relocate SRM ammo elsewhere if keeping the SRM's.
  • The stock build is also completely heat-neutral, and is carrying two heat sinks it absolutely doesn't need; these should be removed and the 2 tons spared used for weapons, armor, or jump jets.
  • Further, the stock missile launchers are both of the smallest size, and their damage output isn't even really worth the extra ton for their ammo bin. If keeping either missile system, it's recommended to upgrade to larger launchers; or early on when you don't have larger individual missile systems, simply fit extra launchers.
  • Missile Barrage - 2 x LRM15 w/ 3 tons of ammunition, 1 x Medium Laser, 1 x Small Laser, and 2x Jump Jets. Ideally all of the LRM's should have the + (stb. damage) modifier. This loadout is serviceable well into mid game, or until you posses a 'mech better suited to the role. The Shadow Hawk SHD-2H is fast and well armored allowing you to keep the enemy at range while launching stability affecting volleys into their formation, forcing them to back off and entrench or risk falling over. Pair this with a fast melee 'mech or a PPC sniper and you can salvage most things you come into contact with.
  • SRM Brawler - 2 x SRM6 + 1 x SRM4 w/ 2 tons of ammunition, 1 x Medium Laser, 5 x Jump Jets, the rest in additional armor or heat sinks. Act as sensible spotter for rest of your lance and close in to finish off vulnerable mechs with SRMs for stability damage and melee if you need to cool off. JJ for DFA on downed mechs. Upgrade to + weapons as available.
  • AC/20 Brawler - 1 x AC/20 w/ 1-2 tons of ammo, 3x Jump Jets, the rest in armor or additional Jump Jets. Close up on the enemy and take shots that are almost guaranteed to smash whatever location they hit. Works particularly well with Breaching Shot (because it's just one weapon) and Precision Strike (blow off legs for knockdown potential). Then when you run out of ammo start bashing in melee. If you also remove the jump jets then you have additional weight to use on armour, though on some maps it limits your potential to get into firing, though if you don't do it then expect this build to cost a lot of money in repairs.

Strategy[ | ]

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  • The Shadow Hawk 2H is the perfect example of a 'jack-of-all-trades.' It supports weaponry for all ranges, has respectable speed and jump capability, and mounts decent armor. This comes at the cost of excelling at nothing in particular.

Shotgun sniper[ | ]

With new ac2 shotguns in place, an early shadow hawk build opens for 3 light shotguns. Full shotgun build is good early sniping dps and easy to manage minimal range of 4 hexes that allows for a 4-6hex range sweet spot for optimal of both shotguns and smaller arms carried. Damage wise it is comparable to 36lrms +1m +1s lasers.