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Scouting is the art of finding your enemy before destroying them. There are two elements of scouting: Sensors and spotting.

All of the following information should be considered unconfirmed as of the most current patch; limited testing has so far shown no difference in sensor range between an Assault and a Light in their ability to detect a Turret.

Sensors[ | ]

Sensors are the long range detection capability of a mech. The default sensor range is 400 units and is modified by the Mech's class:

  • Light mechs have a 40% bonus to detection range (560 units).
  • Medium mechs have baseline range.
  • Heavy mechs have a -25% malus to sensors (300 units).
  • Assault mechs have the largest, -50% malus, capable of detection in a 200 unit radius - the same as spotting.

The detection range is further affected by the signature of the target. The smaller the signature, the closer the mech needs to be for sensors to pick it up.

  • Light mechs have a -50% bonus to signature.
  • Mediums enjoy a -25% modifier.
  • Heavies are just -10% more difficult to attack.
  • Assault mechs can be detected at any range within the sensor radius.

Furthermore, a shutdown mech has a -50% signature bonus.

If a mech is in sensor range, the Sensor Lock ability can be used to establish instant line of sight for one turn.

Spotting[ | ]

Spotting is the pilot using their Mark One Eyeball to establish line of sight with the enemy mech. The base spotting distance is 300 units and visibility is unaffected by mech class (however, light mechs have a +25% spotting range, as dedicated scouts). Shutdown or prone mechs are the only ones with a visibility bonus, being -25% harder to spot.