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Samuel Ostergaard
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Samuel Ostergaard is a Commodore of the Concord Navy of the Taurian Concordat with a personal stake in killing Lady Arano: His son was the captain of the Newgrange, a DropShip she ordered destroyed in order to secure the loyalty of Lord Simon Karosas and his house. He leads the first strike of the Concordat against the Sword of Restoration in the frozen wastes of Artru, just as the Lady manages to turn their fortunes by excavating a cache of SLDF weapons.

Ostergaard prosecutes the war against the Restoration with unmatched brutality and ruthlessness, targeting civilian evacuation and relief efforts in a bid to draw Lady Arano out of hiding. Your involvement allows for Lady Arano to evade death while still countering Taurian attacks. When evidence of Directorate involvement in the Perdition Massacre reaches the Protector, all Taurian units are ordered to withdraw and cease hostilities. However, Ostergaard goes rogue, executing objecting command staff and turning his Fortress-clash DropShip, the Iberia, on Coromodir and the Restoration forces engaged in battle on the planet.

He is killed when Farah Murad infects the DropShip with the SLDF virus, Locura, which disables the ship's systems, sending it plummeting to the ground.