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Description[ | ]

The RFL-4D sacrifices the Rifleman's autocannons for an all energy weapon loadout. The 4D can pump out ranged damage without the need for ammunition, but it's heat management capabilities leave a lot to be desired.

Loadouts[ | ]

  • The Rifleman has a Rangefinder Suite that gives -2 recoil and range penalty and +100m view range. The 4D variant has two PPCs and two large lasers.
  • Getting rid of the two PPCs and mounting two more large lasers fixes this mech's problem with heat management. This also leaves four tons to use for more armor, or four medium lasers if you want as much firepower as possible.
  • An unorthodox strategy is to mount eight medium lasers along with max armor and some heat sinks. It can easily deal with medium mechs like this, but it's still pretty fragile.

Strategy[ | ]

Stay far away from the enemies and watch your heat.