3025 rifleman

Production information
ManufacturerKallon Industries
Technical Specifications
Mass60 tons
ChassisKallon Type IV
ArmorKallon Royalstar
EnginePitban 240
Jump JetsNone
Armament*2xAutocannon 5

While many consider the Rifleman design to be seriously overgunned, a competent pilot knows how best to make use of this 60 ton mech's arm mounted large lasers and class five autocannons. Torso mounted medium lasers round out its arsenal. Ammunition and armor are both at a premium on the standard model, making the machine less effective in extended campaigns.

Designed as an Anti-Aircraft unit first, and a fire support 'mech second, the Rifleman excelled at high volume long-range bombardments.

Legacy Edit

During the infancy of the Gray Death Legion, this was the personal battlemech of legendary New Caledonia native Davis McCall, the Bannockburn. Gray Noton, Solaris Champion piloted a Rifleman "Legend Killer" in his prime, the unit eventually found its way into the possession of Solaris Champion Justin Allard who deployed it against Solaris jock Philip Capet.