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Aaron Doukas
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  • Backer
  • Technician
  • Military
  • MechWarrior
  • Sensor Lock
  • Steadier 'Mech
  • Improved Indirect Fire
  • Aaron "Popo" Doukas is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    The bureaucracy of the Draconis Combine is legendary, and Aaron Doukas grew up at the heart of it, raised by parents who worked in the Bureau of Bureaucracy. By the time he was twelve, he was sick to death to paper and everything related to it. He promised himself a life of action.

    Fortunately, the Combine has a place for bored boys who want a more active lifestyle. He was quickly enrolled in a military school, and, according to his breeding and his aptitude scores, set on a technician track. He started out his adult career working on armored personnel carriers. But his impressive zeal studying BattleMech mechanisms - along with several very fine haiku on the subject of myomer- earned him a transfer to a MechTech division.

    It wasn't enough for Aaron, who had a childhood promise to himself to fulfill. He took the exams at every opportunity, and even though his written answers were perfect and his literary allusions divine, he was never allowed the chance to take the practical exam. His childhood aptitude scores and his father's position had fixed his fate.

    When he was presented with the wife that had been chosen for him, it was too much. He fled the Combine, traded a family treasure for a forged history, and soon found himself piloting a mercenary company BattleMech for the first time. It didn't fall over and he didn't die, and so he found a new life.

    Now that he's proved himself in a 'Mech, the story of his escape from the Combine is a funny tale to share over drinks. But the touch of the Dragon lingers, and, perhaps, just a little, he misses the family he left behind.

    Strategy[ | ]

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