3025 Panther1

Production information
ManufacturerAlshain Weapons
Technical Specifications
Mass35 tons
ChassisAlshain 56-Carrier
ArmorMaximillian 42
EngineHermes 140
Jump JetsLexington Lifter

The Panther is one of the 'Mechs that is most iconic of the Draconis Combine. The design was originally commissioned in 2739 and had a revision twenty years later that has become the most recognized version. The Panther operates as a direct fire support 'Mech for other light units. The main disadvantage that the Panther has in this situation is that the design only has a top speed of 64.8 kph which, while not the slowest speed held by a light 'Mech, is extremely slow for the Panthers weight class. The Panther also suffers from heat problems as its weapons payload is centered around a high heat energy weapon.


The Panthers primary weapon is a Lord's Light PPC which has one of the highest damage outputs of an energy weapon. The PPC is also one of the most heat intensive. The PPC is backed up by a Telos Four-Shot SRM 4 launcher. This mix of long and short-range weapons allows the Panther to stay at range and inflict damage on its enemies and close in and use the SRM 4 to make the killing blow.


  • 3025
    • PNT-8Z, Tthe last of the Star League Panther designs, differs from the 9R only in its more advanced communications equipment and smaller fire-control computer (This has no effect on game play)
  • PNT-10K - The 10K Panther is a high tech upgrade of the 9R Panther. The chassis has been rebuilt using Endo Steel construction techniques. The saved weight was used to add an Artemis IV fire control system as well as upgrading the PPC to an extended range model. While these upgrades increased the Panthers lethality the new PPC produces fifty percent more heat then the original version for the advantage of extended range. This, without the upgrading of the heat sinks, has caused the 10K to be plagued with heat problems.
  • PNT-10K2 - The 10K2 Panther retains the ER PPC of the 10K and removes the Artemis IV as well as a heat sink. The remaining heat sinks have been upgraded to double strength versions alleviating the heat problems that plague the 10K and an additional SRM 4 has been added.
  • PNT-C - The PNT-C is a modification of the 10K model and simply removes the Artemis IV for a c3 slave.
  • PNT-12A - The 12A Panther is an upgrade of the Panther that attempts to alleviate the heat problems that the 10K became infamous for. In order to do this the heat sinks have been upgraded to double strength versions. The ER PPC has been replaced with an ER Large Laser and a Medium Pulse Laser, the SRM 4 has also been upgraded to a streak version.
  • PNT-12K - The 12K Panther is also an upgrade of the 10K. This version is almost identical for the 10K2 but has replaced the two SRM 4 launchers with a single MRM 10 and an additional ton of armor.