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A seditionist group has taken root in the Capellan system of Cavalor. House Liao will handsomely reward any company that will root out and destroy these traitors to the Confederation.

Upon arrival: Marina Liao asks you to wipe out a troublesome sect calling themselves the Volkovites. They have publicly challenged some of the core tenets of the Confederation and have earned the chancellors personal ire.

Flashpoint Decision[ | ]

You need to decide whether or not to accept the mission

Flashpoint Decision:[ | ]

Flashpoint Decision: Accept Lady Marina's offer

Operation: Flattened Earth I - First Mission[ | ]

Assassinate Tundra 3.5 Skull Rating No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

Before you can rid us of the Volkovites, you're going to have to deal with Razorback Company, the hired guns they imported from the Frontier. Our surveillance drones have identified the company's command-and-control 'Mech, a CP-10-Z Cyclops. Eliminate it to cripple Razorback Company and clear a path to your real target.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Eliminate the Razorback Company Cyclops

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

The Cyclops is to the NW while the supporting forces are to the NE. Depending on your configuration you can rush for the cyclops or just head up the road to take out the supporting forces first. Note the Cyclops provides +1 initiative to all enemy forces.

Operation: Flattened Earth II - Flashpoint Decision[ | ]

After completing the first mission you'll be contacted by the commander of the Razorback Company. You can decide whether you want to take the call.

Flashpoint Decision:[ | ]

Flashpoint Decision: Reject the call

If you take the call you'll be told that the Volkovites don't deserve death and be offered compensation for letting them go at the cost of your reputation with house Liao.

Flashpoint Decision:[ | ]

Flashpoint Decision: Honor your contract with House Liao - Destroy base mission

Flashpoint Decision: Break your contract with House Liao to help the Volkovites - Battle & Escort mission

Operation: Flattened Earth II - Second Mission Breaking Contract with Liao[ | ]

Battle Tundra 4 Skull Rating No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

Good on you for being on the right side of this conflict...I know it couldn't have been an easy decision. And speaking of difficult matters, you're about to have a fight on your hands. House Liao has sent a detachment of 'Mechs to finish your job for you, and unfortunately, Razorback Company is in no position to deal with 'em.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

All 8 mechs are fairly close together although the reinforcements start from the NE, and it isn't a large map, so this is a tough fight. Make use of cover and defensive tactics until you can whittle down their numbers. It may be best to head East a bit and make them spend time coming to you. Only go straight North if you're confident in your ability to slug it out as they will all be in range and have a lot of LRMs and long range direct fire weapons. The Rifleman and other mechs will sensor lock your lead mech.

Operation: Flattened Earth III - Third Mission Breaking Contract with Liao[ | ]

Escort Tundra 3.5 Skull Rating No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

The last of the Volkovites have packed themselves onto a series of transport vehicles, and they're ready to roll. We've lined up a DropShip to take them to Joppa, but you're going to have to get 'em there. We're nearly through this situation Commander...just a little bit further to go.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Secure the convoy rally point
  • Escort the Volkovite convoy to the evac point - 4 x Vargr APCs
  • Protect the Volkovite convoy until Elliathy's dropship arrives
  • Get to the Evac zone - by the buildings past the mountain from the APC evac zone

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

Once the rally point is secured, the Vargrs will appear and start moving quickly down the road, across the river, toward the evac point on the other side of the map. The APCs move quickly but get bogged down in the river a bit so you'll have a chance to move ahead of them depending on the speed of your mechs.

When the APCs reach the evac point a lance of enemies (1 x Black Knight, 2 x Warhammer, 1 x Cataphract)will appear, 2 by the buildings and 2 on top of the mountain. You just need to hold them off until the APCs all get the evac zone. But then your evac point appears next to the buildings where 2 of them spawned so you'll need to fight your way past them.

Operation: Flattened Earth III - Flashpoint Decision[ | ]

After helping the Volkovites escape, Marina Liao contacts you again to discuss your betrayal. She gives you the option of providing the location of the Volkovites to begin regaining her trust and avoid more damage.

Flashpoint Decision:[ | ]

Flashpoint Decision: Give her the Volkovites location

Flashpoint Decision: Give her the Volkovites location - but refuse to pull the trigger on taking them out

Flashpoint Decision: Refuse Lady Marina's offer

Selecting any of the options will end the Flashpoint with no special outcomes.

Rewards:[ | ]

Rare component and random salvage for flashpoints

2,000,000 C-Bills

Morale increase depending on choices (+1)

Killing the Volkovites will unlock a random event where Volkovite followers can possibly injure mech pilots. This random event seems to occur in Capellan space.

Operation: Flattened Earth II - Second Mission (keeping contract With Liao)[ | ]

Battle Tundra 4 Skull Rating No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

My contacts in the Maskirovka tell me that you rejected Commander Elliathy's offer. A wise decision, Commander. Bring down the remainder of Razorback Company, and nothing will stand between you and the seditionist camp.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Destroy Razorback Company's Battlemechs (2 medium mechs and 2 heavy mechs, partially randomized)
  • Destroy Razorback Company's Reinforcements (1 medium mech and 3 heavy mechs, partially randomized)

The reinforcements arrive fairly quickly, so expect long range bombardment by turn 3 and direct confrontation shortly afterward. Good use of cover and/or fielding well equipped assault mechs is key to victory. The following mission is a consecutive deployment so there will be no time for repairs, but you will be able to swap out any mechs or pilots for others you currently have aboard the Argo.

Operation: Flattened Earth III - Third Mission (keeping contract with Liao)[ | ]

Destroy Base Tundra 3.5 Skull Rating No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

The remaining Volkovites have holed up in a sanctuary you'll find in this valley. Destroy it, and eliminate whatever resistance they can bring to bear. The eyes of the Chancellor are on you, Commander. Don't disappoint him.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Destroy the Volkovite Sanctuary (3 buildings)
  • Eliminate the Volkovite Garrison (2 medium mechs and 2 heavy mechs, partially randomized)
  • Destroy the Volkovite Reinforcements (2 medium, 1 heavy, 1 assault mech, partially randomized)

Four heavy turrets protect the sanctuary. The garrison's mechs are "Ramshackle" and thus only carry 25% of normal armor, but the reinforcements have regular armor.

Keeping Contract - The Aftermath[ | ]

Company morale is decreased by 1 as none of its members are particularly pleased to be killing political activists. However a 1,000,000 C-bill reward, some rare weapon and/or mech salvage, plus significantly increased relationship with the Capellan Confederation all help soothe wounded consciences.