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Commander. You don't know me, but me and my associates have a job for you. A real nice one, with a big payout at the end. If you wanna talk about it, come meet me at Glentworth. I'll be waiting.

Upon Arrival:

Ho-lee shit, you actually came. Commander, in the flesh.

Y'know, the invitation I sent you was sort of a Hail Mary. To be frank, I was 90 percent certain you wouldn't even respond. But here you are, gods be praised!

Introduction[ | ]

The client, Ed Corbu, will explain that he specializes in selling off non-military junk from the Star League to interested parties. He has located what he describes as "the equivalent of a Star League-era stapler factory" which is being picked over by armed scavengers, and he needs someone with 'Mechs to take on the scavengers and their vehicles. The player will have the option to decline the mission, citing amateur and untrustworthy vibes from Ed, or take the job as they would any other.

First Mission:[ | ]

I've given your pilot a map of Men Lojowen, complete with the rough location of the Star League installation. I want you to get in there, brush aside any resistance, and loot whatever your BattleMechs can carry. You'll get your pay when my associates have the goods.

Recovery mission - Polar Biome - 2 skulls difficulty - Tonnage limited (55 per mech, 200 total)

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Loot the Star League Stapler Factory

Despite the fact that they only have vehicles and no 'Mechs of their own, the scavengers Nigel Binton and Hampton Modge will make various threats toward the player's lance as well as each other. Two heavier vehicles (possibly Manticore, LRM Carrier, or SRM Carrier) will be north of the starting position and just outside the factory, while two medium vehicles (typically Strikers) will be positioned off to the west. Once they are destroyed and a player 'Mech has stepped into the factory's recovery zone, the mission will be complete.

Much to the entire company's surprise, it does appear that the factory contains several tons of Star League office supplies. However post-mission Ed will reveal that both scavengers have united to besiege him in his home. Since no one took him seriously when he asked for help looting a stapler factory, he promised both scavengers that actual treasure was present in the facility. They both betrayed Ed first in hopes of keeping all the treasure for themselves, and now are threatening to level his condominium if he doesn't give up the treasure.

Flashpoint Decision:[ | ]

  • Continue on to Louth Abbey to defend Ed Corbu
  • Use the "treasure" to lure Binton and Modge away from Ed's condo

Option A involves fighting in an urban environment with tonnage restrictions in hope of lifting the siege on Ed's home. Although the enemy will only use vehicles, the player will have tonnage restrictions similar to the previous mission and must stop the enemies before they destroy the fairly fragile buildings that Ed calls home.

Option B involves luring both scavengers out of the city with the promised "treasure" but having to face their full forces, including assault mechs. However both scavenger's groups will be hostile to each other and the player has no tonnage limitations. This option can offer good scavenging, especially if the player opts for minimum payment and maximum salvage in the pre-mission negotiation sliders.

Second Mission (Continue on to Louth Abbey to defend Ed Corbu):[ | ]

The last time I checked, Binton and Modge had a bunch of combat vehicles in the streets around my time-share. Maybe a light 'Mech or two, I can't say for sure. Get 'em off my back, and then we'll conclude our business with the antique staplers.

Defend Base mission - Urban biome - 2 skulls difficulty - Tonnage limited (55 per mech, 200 total)

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Hold Out for Reinforcements (Rounds: 10)
  • Defend Ed Corbu's Condo Complex (5 must survive, 6 total)

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Protect All Condo Complex Buildings
  • Destroy the Hostile Mercenaries

At first a heavy vehicle and a medium vehicle will appear to the east, with another two medium vehicle a bit below them in a generally south-east direction. Shortly thereafter another four vehicles will drop in to the north, typically two of them medium and two of them heavy. If the player fields 'Mechs with long range weapons, they should be able to attack all vehicles and draw their fire before they can start bombarding Ed's condominium.

With both scavenger's forces destroyed, they can only transmit empty threats as Ed prepares to flee the system and sell antique staplers to his buyers. The player receives the flashpoint's rewards alongside Ed's hearty thanks.

Second Mission (Use the "treasure" to lure Binton and Modge away from Ed's condo):[ | ]

I've told Binton and Modge that you're gonna drop their "treasure" in a field about a hundred klicks southeast of Louth Abbey. That should put you far enough way to avoid collateral damage, so feel free to go after 'em with whatever BattleMechs you like. Just be aware that there's nothing stopping them from doin' the same to you.

Battle mission - Tundra Biome - 2 skulls difficulty - No tonnage limits

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Eliminate Binton's Forces
  • Eliminate Modge's Forces

Binton's lance is to the northwest of the starting point. It will include two light mechs, an assault mech, and a vehicle to round things out. As the player approaches them, a warning will alert that Modge's forces are landing to the northeast. They are very similarly equipped, deploying two more light mechs, an assault mech, and a single vehicle. Once both forces are on the field it is possible to make a tactical retreat and let the two wear each other down for a few rounds, but if the player brought their own assault mechs then this shouldn't be necessary.

Afterward Ed will offer his thanks for killing off both scavengers and their massive 'Mechs. Things proceed much the same as the first option, with Ed selling off the staplers and providing the flashpoint's rewards.

Rewards[ | ]

  • Standard chance of rare weapon and salvage for Flashpoint event
  • 500,000 C-Bills