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Your objective is to reach a rendezvous point, then protect a convoy of units as it moves to an exit region. The convoy will move quickly and could outpace slower 'Mechs. It will likely be attacked by enemy units on the way to its extraction point. Defeating any attacking units is not required to complete the contract.

Strategy[ | ]

Escort missions have potentially three components.

1) (Optional) Defeat the blocking force

Depending on the exact name of the mission there may be a blocking force. It strongly recommended this force is destroyed before securing the starting point

2) Secure the Starting point and escort the vehicles to the pickup point

When any of the players mechs enter the starting point area, two things occur. Firstly 4 vehicles, usually Strikers, spawn as a convoy. These are the vehicles to be escorted to the pickup point. Secondly an enemy force spawns. If you attack the enemy force they will focus fire on you rather than the convoy. Vehicles in the convoy will not move if they are not within 8 hexes of a player mech. This is why some vehicles appear to be left behind. Basically, it is not a bug. This can be used for a number of tactics. The convoy has a narrow route, this can also be utilized for tactics. eg blocking the convoy path while you destroy the enemy force.

3) (Optional) Defeat the interception force

When any vehicle in the convoy enters the pickup point area a interception force may spawn. Again, attacking the enemy force force will have the enemy force focus fire on the player rather than the convoy. The drop ship will arrive at the start of the turn after the first vehical entered the pickup point and will leave at the beginning of the turn after the last vehicle has entered the pickup point.