MechWarrior is a profession originally created for the fictional universe of BattleTech, a wargaming and science fiction franchise created by FASA Corporation and currently owned by Topps.[1] MechWarriors are individuals who pilot BattleMechs, large robotic war machines that are central to the BattleTech series.

BattleTech PC[edit | edit source]

In the BattleTech PC game, developed by Harebrained Studios, the MechWarrior each have four Skill ratings from 1-10. These are:

  • Piloting - determines Melee and Death-From-Above attack to-hit %
  • Gunnery - determines ranged attack to-hit %
  • Tactics - determines your line-of-sight distance, information gained from the radar, and your Called Shot attack to-hit %.
  • Guts - determines how much heat you can build up before overheating.

MechWarriors have abilities that are based on their skills. Pilots can unlock skills at level 5 and 8, but the they are limited to two level 5 and one level 8 skill. Players will need to determine the best skills for each pilot to have.

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