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Aidan McRae
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Aidan "McWraith" McRae is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

Bio[ | ]

Aidan McRae was the only child of the commander of a Davion mercenary unit assigned to monitor Mendham Electronics after it was liberated from the Capellan Confederation. His mother was only a minor noble, but during the time her company was under contract to House Davion, they were one of the wealthiest families on Mendham. Aidan received every advantage in education and training, including attending a prestigious military academy, before returning to his mother's house to take his place in the BattleMech that had been reserved for him since birth.

Unfortunately, that BattleMech belonged to House Davion, just like much of the company equipment. And unfortunately, Aidan's mother had no income stream other than her mercenary contract, and a decided taste for living in the style of her noble childhood. All would have been well if the Mendham contract had continued past the company's probationary period. It might still have been well if House Davion hadn't formed an alliance with House Steiner. But alas, Mendham Electronics was deemed trustworthy, and peace broke out, and so the McRae mercenary company that was to be Aidan's inheritance was scattered.

But peace never lasts forever. There's always somebody, somewhere, looking for mercenaries. While Aidan's mother remains in her new, much smaller home in the Federated Suns, Aidan travels the Periphery, working, networking, and saving money, so that one day the Sons of Grace might rise again.

Strategy[ | ]

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