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Marauder MAD-3D
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General data
Tonnage75 t (32.5 t base)
Cost8,900,000 C-Bills
Template:Hardpoints Marauder MAD-3D
Melee95 (+_ Instability)
Death from Above_ (+_ Instability)
Template:Armor Marauder MAD-3D
Mobility and detection
Speed120m walk / 200m sprint
max 4 Jump Jets (150m)
StealthVisibility: _
Signature: _
SensorsSpotting distance: _
Sensor range: _

Description[ | ]

The MAD-3D exchanges the Marauder's autocannon for an all-energy loadout, thus sidestepping the risk of ammunition explosions. It also packs on extra heatsinks to help offset the increased heat generation.

Loadouts[ | ]

  • The Lance Command Mod on its left torso gives a 10% damage reduction against attacks towards your entire lance. In addition the mod also gives a bonus to accuracy on Called Shots.
  • The 3D's stock loadout has 2 PPCs, a large laser, and two medium lasers.

Strategy[ | ]

This 'Mech's bonus to called shots allows extremely accurate targeting and should be used to headshot enemies for salvage.

  • Replacing the standard armament of PPCs and medium lasers with all large lasers gives you 5 chances to headshot enemy 'Mechs - at up to a 33% chance to hit/kill with each precise shot depending on the tactical skill of the pilot. Utilize any additional tonnage to include a supplementary TTS to increase the base chance to hit and extra heatsinks to keep it firing longer. A large heat-bank can keep it firing these deadly salvos for four or five rounds without needing to cool off, or simply fire 3 or 4 of the lasers round after round after round... As an alternative to the machinegun oriented head-hunter layouts found in other models, this also lets the 'Mech hold its own as a regular ranged fighter. Definitely a good addition to any lance if you are seeking salvage.