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Marauder MAD-2R
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General data
Tonnage75 t (32.5 t base)
Cost19,660,000 C-Bills
Template:Hardpoints Marauder MAD-2R
Melee95 (+_ Instability)
Death from Above_ (+_ Instability)
Template:Armor Marauder MAD-2R
Mobility and detection
Speed120m walk / 200m sprint
max 4 Jump Jets (150m)
StealthVisibility: _
Signature: _
SensorsSpotting distance: _
Sensor range: _

Description[ | ]

The MAD-2R is the Marauder variant that was given to the SLDF's Royal Divisions before the fall of the Star League. Like most Royal units, it is exceedingly rare, and comes equipped with advanced weaponry and components.

Loadouts[ | ]

The MAD-2R has 24.63 tons available for weapons and equipment when fully armored, but as much as 42.5 tons can be available depending on how much armor one is willing to shed. As a "LosTech" model it sinks 60 heat on its own rather than the typical 30, which helps since the model is heavily focused on energy weapons (6 energy hardpoints, 1 ballistic hardpoint, zero missile hardpoints, 1 support weapon hardpoint). Up to four heavy jumpjets can be installed, trading up to four tons of space for increased maneuverability.

The mech's Lance Command Mod, a feature shared with other Marauder models, provides it with two unique capabilities. First, incoming damage to all mechs in the user's lance is reduced by 10%. Second, called shots by the Marauder receive an accuracy bonus. While the first is a fairly nice benefit, the second can be used to devastating effect. Pilots with high Tactics skills can direct called shots to an enemy mech's head at 33-35% rates (depending on facing), sometimes taking down even an Assault mech with just a single volley.

ENERGY SNIPER - Using 2 Large Lasers and 4 Medium Lasers across both arms allow this mech to deal out a total 180 damage with no ammunition constraints. Nearly full armor plus 4 jumpjets allow it to close in for a kill and retreat at short notice, and the remaining space can be taken up by heatsinks. It has rather low damage potential for a Heavy mech, but tactical use of called shots into enemy heads can help overcome this. With an average of 2 out of 6 weapons striking an enemy's head during a called shot, it usually won't take long to bring down even the toughest enemy.

MIXED SNIPER - By using a UAC/5 autocannon and 4 Extended Range Medium Lasers, this mech can deal 230 damage with an alpha strike while still retaining jumpjets, decent heat sinking, and nearly full armor. The extra punch behind these weapons allows a typical called shot to do 70-80 damage to a mech's head, enough for a kill on even an Assault mech (assuming no mitigating factors such as cover or bulwark are involved).

Strategy[ | ]