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Lore[ | ]

Name Description
2nd St. Ives Lancers A well-connected and well-financed regiment, the Lancers operated along the Capellan Confederation's rimward quarter, fending off pirates and conducting raids into the Free Worlds League. In 3025, its three battalions are allocated to the defense of St. Ives, Maladar, and St. Loris.

Third Succession War The Third Succession War began in 2866, when Coordinator Miyogi Kurita responded aggressively to rumors of the Draconis Combine's weakness, but the fighting spread to the entire Inner Sphere. Because the Successor States' military capabilities had been dramatically reduced in the previous two Succession Wars, this conflict proceeded at a slower pace and with less intensity than the earlier wars.

Treaties signed in 3020 and 3022 limited the fighting, and by 3025 the Third Succession War has effectively ended.

4th Regulan Hussars A Free Worlds League regiment, founded in 2762 from the Nepalese inhabitants of the Muscida system. Notable for its quick-strike tactics, and for its infamous Royal Gurkha Battalion heavy jump infantry.

ADV An acronym for "Aurigan Directorate Vessel." The standard ship prefix for all DropShips commissioned by the Directorate Navy.

Advanced Electronic Codebreaker An electronic device capable of hacking keycodes and breaking software encryption. Advanced Electronic Codebreakers are rare and heavily restricted items; they are generally found only in the possession of the most sophisticated Inner Sphere intelligence agencies.

AgroMech AgroMechs are 'Mechs used for agricultural and herding tasks rather than combat. They are classified as a subtype of IndustrialMechs.

Amaris Civil War Also known as the Amaris-Kerensky Civil War and as the Amaris Coup, this was a war fought in the years 2766-2780 that ultimately led to the dissolution of the Star League.

In the years preceding, Stefan Amaris of the Rim Worlds Republic had become a close confidant of the young First Lord of the Star League, Richard Cameron. Amaris betrayed the First Lord's trust and killed him on December 27th, 2766. He then executed all remaining members of House Cameron and seized the throne for himself. In response, General Aleksandr Kerensky led the Star League Defense Force to conquer and destroy the Rim Worlds Republic, then turned their might toward Stefan Amaris on Terra. Kerensky's SLDF defeated Amaris and executed him and his family in late 2779.

The elimination of both House Cameron and House Amaris left no clear successor for the title of First Lord, and the Council Lords could not agree. On August 12, 2781, the Lords dissolved the Star League.

Ambergrist Vermouth Ambergrist vermouth is red and usually found in tiny bottles in port shops. Getting larger bottles takes connections. Getting a crate of it, well…

Lady Ana Maria Centrella Born 2984.

Ana Maria Centrella is the very image of the Canopian elite: an elegant figure, witty and charming, with a subtle mastery of social politics.

Blackjack BJ-1 The Blackjack BJ-1 is equipped for both long- and close-range engagements. A pair of AC/2s is backed up by four Medium Lasers, lending the 'Mech a powerful alpha strike, while Jump Jets enable the Blackjack to move to high ground at a moment's notice.

Ares Conventions A treaty signed during the Age of War with the aim of limiting civilian casualties by establishing a universal code of military conduct. The Ares Conventions specifically prohibit the use of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, as well as limit the scope of orbital bombardments and conventional military operations.

Aurigan Coalition The Aurigan Coalition is an interstellar state in the Aurigan Reach area of the Rimward Periphery bordering both Capellan and Taurian space. Growing out of a trade partnership in the mid-29th century, the Aurigan Coalition was formally established in 2910 by High Lady Keona Arano. In the past hundred years, the Coalition has grown from four systems to a total of 23."

The Aurigan Reach The Aurigan Reach is a specific group of about two dozen systems in the Rimward Periphery bordering the Taurian Concordat and the Capellan Confederation. The Reach is home to the Aurigan Coalition ruled by House Arano. Beyond the Reach are a large number of independent systems colloquially referred to as the Frontier.

Axylus A pirate moon in the Aurigan Frontier, accessible only by way of a pirate jump point. Axylus was the wreck site of the only Argo-class DropShip known to have survived the fall of the Star League.

BattleMech Commonly abbreviated as 'Mech.

BattleMechs are enormous armored fighting vehicles, often humanoid in design, that can weigh up to 100 tons. They are considered the most powerful and deadly surface units a military force can field. BattleMechs are classified as light (20-35 tons), medium (40-55 tons), heavy (60-75 tons), or assault (80+ tons). Because of their incredible power requirements, many 'Mechs generate ferocious amounts of waste heat, making BattleMech cockpits swelteringly hot and sometimes threatening to cause a complete system shutdown.

Blood Chit ComStar-issued identification carried by MechWarriors in the field.

Brainwashing The subversion or control of a human mind through coercive persuasion, drugs, or specialized machinery. The apex of brainwashing technology is the Neural Interrogation Computer, an infamous device that has been banned throughout most of the Inner Sphere.

Famous historical incidents involving brainwashing (or accusations thereof) include the Necess Kurita affair and the assassination of Alistair Steiner.

Cassilda An aquatic world famed for its bountiful, deadly oceans. Cassilda's human population is clustered on volcanic island chains along the equator, while the oceans are ruled by a vast array of native predatory life forms. Cassildan seafood is sold as a delicacy throughout the Rimward Periphery.

C-Bill The standard galactic unit of currency, named for ComStar. One C-Bill is valued at one millisecond of HPG transmission time.

Ceti Hussars Created by the Federated Suns in an effort to replicate a light horse-style regiment of the Star League era. The combination of 'Mechs and mounted infantry was ideal for conducting swift raids. The Hussars also encouraged personnel to dine together regardless of rank or branch of service, prompting a high reenlistment rate.

Carl von Clausewitz Born 1780, died 1831.

A Terran general and military theorist. Clausewitz famously described war as "the continuation of politics by other means."

ComStar Founded by Jerome Blake after the Amaris Civil War, ComStar was created to preserve and maintain the Star League's vast communications network. With Hyperpulse Generator facilities on nearly every inhabited system in the Inner Sphere, its influence is felt everywhere. Thankfully, ComStar takes a strictly neutral approach to Inner Sphere politics; it takes no sides and offers no preferential treatment.

Culturally, ComStar has lapsed from a corporation into a religious institution. In Blake's name, ComStar adepts perpetuate the belief that Hyperpulse transmissions are a form of sacred magic that only they can control.

ComStar Precentor High-ranking ComStar officials who typically serve as the commanders of HPG installations. ComStar's doctrine of religious mystery has elevated Precentors to quasi-mystical figures in the eyes of the general public.

Consecutive Drops This contract will require consecutive drops, without any opportunity for repair or refit between drops. It should not be attempted until you possess enough 'Mechs and MechWarriors to field two complete, high-tonnage lances.

Coromodir Coromodir is the center of power of the Aurigan government. Its two habitable worlds are home to billions of people. At the heart of Coromodir VI is the vast Taurian fortress that serves as both capital and last bastion of defense. Both House Arano and House Espinosa consider Coromodir their ancestral home.

Crowley Lizard Cow An edible reptile indigenous to the planet Bryant. The meat of the Crowley Lizard Cow is considered a delicacy, and it is one of Bryant's few planetary exports.

Dar-es-Salaam Dar-es-Salaam, which means "Haven of Peace," is the center of the Islamic faith in the Lyran Commonwealth. The world was colonized in the mid-25th century by Muslim settlers who welcomed the planet's harsh arid climate as a connection to their roots on Terra.

The Deep Periphery The area of space just outside the Inner Sphere and the Periphery is known as the Deep Periphery. The exact borders of this region are vaguely defined. Though not as thoroughly colonized as the Periphery, the Deep Periphery is home to a number of interstellar states such as the Hanseatic League and the Chainelane Isles.

FedRat A person living in, or whose national origin is, the Federated Suns. Considered derogatory.

First Succession War A brutal conflict that ravaged the Inner Sphere from 2786 to 2821 when Minoru Kurita declared himself the new First Lord of the Star League. Leaders of the other Great Houses followed suit, becoming known as Successor Lords. The First Succession War is notable for the devastating effect it had on the Inner Sphere's infrastructure and technology base. Much of what was lost has not been regained in the intervening centuries.

The Five Pillars Citizens of the Draconis Combine describe their nation as being supported by five pillars, each of a different material representing a different aspect of society. These are House Kurita rule (gold), the military (steel), arts and culture (teak), philosophy and faith (ivory), and a strong economy (jade).

Fjaldr Fjaldr was originally a Capellan colony world, lost in the Succession Wars. It is a bleak ice planet, swept constantly by howling winds and blowing snow. The original colony was largely underground, built in the sides of deep kilometer-wide shafts that breach the ice that envelops this world. Fjaldr survives on its rich mineral resources and its position as a well-connected hub world near the Inner Sphere.

Founding Council A ruling council composed of the heads of the 7 Founding Houses of the Aurigan Coalition. Prior to the fall of the Aurigan Coalition, the Founding Council consisted of Lady Kamea Arano, Lord Santiago Espinosa, Lady Branca Madeira, Lord Henare Parata, Lady Samantha Gallas, Lord Simon Karosas, and Lord Pierre-Louis Decimis.

With the rise of the Directorate, the power of the Founding Council has been severely curtailed.

Founding Houses The Aurigan Coalition was created in 2910 from the worlds of the Rimward Trade Partnership. The most powerful families of those worlds became the Founding Houses of the new Coalition.

At the time of the Coalition's inception, the Founding Houses included House Arano of Coromodir VI, House Madeira of Guldra, House Parata of Tyrlon, House Gallas of Itrom, House Karosas of Smithon, House Decimis of Panzyr, and House Espinosa of Coromodir V.

Gauss Rifle LosTech. A ballistic weapon that used a series of electromagnets to propel nickel-iron slugs at tremendous velocity. The knowledge and techniques required to produce Gauss Rifles were lost to the Inner Sphere during the Succession Wars."
Great Houses of the Inner Sphere The Great Houses are the ruling families of the five Successor States of the Inner Sphere: House Davion (Federated Suns), House Kurita (Draconis Combine), House Liao (Capellan Confederation), House Marik (Free Worlds League), and House Steiner (Lyran Commonwealth).

Gyroslug Rifle This rifle is a recoilless weapon that fires self-propelled, explosive-tipped projectiles. The Gyroslug is a variation of more common Gyrojet Rifle, but with increased ammunition capacity at the cost of reduced range.

First Prince Hanse Davion Born 2983.

The current First Prince of the Federated Suns and one of the great scions of House Davion. An accomplished MechWarrior and shrewd statesman, dubbed "The Fox" for his military and political cunning.

High Lord Tamati Arano II Born 2970, died 3022.

Tamati Arano II was a High Lord of the Aurigan Coalition. He succeeded his father, High Lord Tamati Arano I, in 2988.

Tamati is remembered throughout the Reach as a kind and benevolent ruler. His key accomplishments include a military campaign against pirate activity on Fjaldr, the expansion of social welfare on Coromodir VI, and the Coalition-funded renovation of the Espinosa Refit Yards. Tamati and his wife, Lady Sara Arano, were tragically killed in a JumpShip accident in 3022. They are survived by their daughter, Lady Kamea Arano.

Holovid Series: MERCENARIES! This series represents both the best and worst of what calls itself "independent" Holovid production in the Periphery. Without the budget-or, some say, talent-of an Inner Sphere entertainment corporation, MERCENARIES! makes up for this with copious adult themes, profanity, and graphic violence. Its lead actor, Brock Armstrong, enjoys a cult following in the Aurigan Reach."

Holovid Series: Minor Major An irreverent comedy, Minor Major follows a band of mercenaries who confirm the worst cliches of the profession; they're motivated solely by money and have flexible loyalty to the employer of the week. Despite the show's ham-fisted acting and lazy special effects, viewing parties are held regularly on military bases and in mercenary barracks.

Holovid Series: Rough Riders Popular in the Taurian Concordat, this Holovid series was spawned by the increasing "Wild West" ethos that took hold in the Periphery following the collapse of the Star League. Rough Riders centered around MechWarrior errants protecting colonial settlers from the perennial scourge of pirate raiders.

Holovid Series: Fringers One of the longest-running Holovid series, Fringers recently passed 150 seasons. Its constantly rotating cast portrays the grit and misery of colonists living on the Periphery edge of the Free Worlds League. Ironically, the show's popularity is often attributed to the fact that the lives of its characters are consistently worse than those of its fans.

Holovid Series: Under Cover A Holovid series from the mid-2700s, Under Cover chronicled the exploits of five female secret agents of the Magistracy of Canopus masquerading as pleasure-circus employees. While some may call it kitschy by 3025 standards, its tagline of "Taking down the Star League—one big shot at a time" uniquely captures the growing sense of revolt prior to the Amaris Coup of 2766.

House Arano 'FORESIGHT AND VISION.' The hereditary rulers of the Aurigan Coalition, currently led by Lady Kamea Arano. The Arano house sigil is a great cormorant on a field of red. The ancestral seat of House Arano is Coromodir VI. From the early days of the Rimward Trade Partnership and the founding of the Aurigan Coalition in 2910 through to the current day, House Arano has led the systems of the Aurigan Reach.
House Calderon House Calderon is the dynastic ruling house of Taurus, the Taurian Homeworlds, and the Taurian Concordat. The line is descended from Samantha Calderon, who founded the first colony on Taurus in 2253. Members of House Calderon are considered fair, egalitarian, and pragmatic in their decisions.

House Centrella House Centrella is the ruling dynasty of the Magistracy of Canopus. Captain Kossandra Centrella of the Free Worlds League Military founded the Magistracy in 2530 when she became disillusioned with her superiors and the patriarchal structures of the Inner Sphere. The family enjoys immense popularity among Canopian citizens.

House Davion "BY FREEDOM'S SWORD." From their capital world of New Avalon, the Davion family led the Federated Suns to become one of the largest and most militarily powerful states in the Inner Sphere. The Federated Suns' motto "By Freedom’s Sword" illustrates their self-image as a nation: the champion of freedom, democracy, and human rights, although the reality is not so clear-cut. In addition to being a military power, the Federated Suns is home to the New Avalon Institute of Science: the premier research and development center of the 31st century.

House Decimis "ABOVE THE MOUNTAINS." A Founding House of the Aurigan Coalition, currently ruled by Lord Pierre-Louis Decimis. The Decimis house sigil is an orange sun hanging low over a snow-capped mountain. The ancestral seat of House Decimis is Panzyr.

House Espinosa "FOREVER VIGILANT." A Founding House of the Aurigan Coalition, currently ruled by Director Santiago Espinosa. The Espinosa house sigil is an ibex on a field of thorns. The ancestral seat of House Espinosa is Coromodir V.

House Espinosa staged a military coup on Lady Kamea Arano's coronation day, toppling the old Aurigan Coalition and replacing it with a new authoritarian government: the Aurigan Directorate.

House Gallas "WITH BILLOWING SAILS." A Founding House of the Aurigan Coalition, currently ruled by Lady Samantha Gallas. The Gallas house sigil is a sailing ship with billowing sails cutting across a green sea. The ancestral seat of House Gallas is Itrom.

House Karosas "WEALTHY IN KNOWLEDGE." A Founding House of the Aurigan Coalition, currently ruled by Lord Simon Karosas. The Karosas house sigil is a black raven on a field of white. The ancestral seat of House Karosas is Smithon.

House Kurita "HONOR THE DRAGON." House Kurita has dominated the Draconis Combine since its founding in 2319 by Shiro Kurita, who imbued the state with its strong Japanese culture. Personal honor and a self-reliance bordering on xenophobia are hallmarks of Kuritan policy. Embracing 'the way of the warrior,' the Draconis Combine has had a long history of antagonism with and aggression against its neighbors.

House Liao "ONE VISION." The Capellan Confederation is the smallest of the Successor States, and was the last to form, created on Capella by neighboring states in 2366. House Liao gave the Confederation its Han Chinese character and ensured the survival of the realm through strong (if frequently erratic) rule. Popularly disparaged as a totalitarian police state, many Capellan citizens enjoy a high degree of personal freedom and willingly serve the State in return for the generous services it provides.

House Madeira "BEHOLD OUR SPLENDOR." A Founding House of the Aurigan Coalition, currently ruled by Lady Branca Madeira. The Madeira house sigil is a leaping dolphinfish on a pale blue sea. The ancestral seat of House Madeira is Guldra.

House Marik "WE STAND UNITED." The Free Worlds League, the oldest of all Successor States, has long been ruled by House Marik. The League is an open, multicultural state, consisting of many great and small realms loosely joined together. Politically fragile and frequently riven with instability; House Marik has relied heavily on free trade and technological advancement to keep pace with its rivals.

House Parata "THE LAND REMAINS." A Founding House of the Aurigan Coalition, currently ruled by Lord Henare Parata. The Parata house sigil is a green fern frond curling against a field of brown. The ancestral seat of House Parata is Tyrlon.

House Steiner "INDOMITABLE WILL." With many resource-rich worlds, shrewd business acumen and a strong industrial base, the Lyran Commonwealth, under the stewardship of proudly Germanic House Steiner, prospered even during the worst of times: in spite of the destruction of the Succession Wars, overall industrial output and average standard of living exceeded that of any other Successor State. This vast wealth helped the Lyran state weather any military reversals - especially self-inflicted ones - by quickly replacing their materiel losses.

HyperPulse Generator The HyperPulse Generator, or HPG, is a device capable of sending terabytes of compressed information from one point to another at faster-than-light speeds. All modern HPG arrays are owned and operated by ComStar.

The Inner Sphere The Inner Sphere is the region of space within about 500 light years of Terra. This area is divided between the five Successor States to the former Star League. This region is the heart of human civilization and culture. Beyond the Inner Sphere is the Periphery.

JumpShips JumpShips are spacegoing vessels capable of faster-than-light travel, using massive Kearny-Fuchida drives to instantaneously 'jump' from one planetary system to another. Typical civilian JumpShip designs dedicate 95% of their mass to the K-F drive and a solar energy collection system to power it, leaving little room for conventional engines. Consequently, these ships are only seen at jump points beyond each star's gravitational proximity limit.

Commercial interstellar travel involves riding a DropShip from the planet to the jump point, docking the DropShip to a JumpShip for transit to a new system, and then riding the DropShip back down to the destination planet.

Lady Kamea Arano Brave, idealistic, and determined, the Lady Kamea Arano is the daughter of the late High Lord Tamati Arano II. Due to inherit the throne of the Aurigan Coalition.

Aleksandr Kerensky Born 2700, disappeared 2784.

As Regent and Protector of the Star League and Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force, Kerensky was the highest-ranking military officer of the Inner Sphere. Following his successful conclusion of the Amaris Civil War, Kerensky withdrew from the Inner Sphere with 80% of the SLDF's personnel and assets, never to be seen again. This action left the Inner Sphere defenseless and precipitated the First Succession War.

Kittery Previously under Capellan control, in 3005 this inhospitable jungle world was conquered by the Federated Suns. A resistance movement kept the world a war zone for many years. In the 3020s, House Liao returned and waged war for a more permanent liberation. So far it has succeeded only in creating lasting enmity between the defending 1st Kittery Borderers and the invading forces of the St. Ives Armored Cavalry.

Lady Death Paula Trevaline was born in the pirate kingdom of the Tortuga Dominions and rose through the ranks to become supreme leader of its legions in 3015. Her reputation for bravado and cruelty inspires devotion in her followers as much as it does fear in her enemies.

Locura LosTech. The nickname given to experimental software that Dr. Farah Murad discovered in the Nautilus Memory Core. The code's original purpose is unclear, but it appears to be at least tangentally related to the SLDF's Space Defense System program.

When Dr. Murad inadvertently unleashed the Locura on the Argo's main computer, it wreaked havoc across the ship, bringing down the ship's main drive and damaging a variety of shipboard systems. She eventually managed to quarantine the Locura on the Argo's secondary storage drive, which she then separated from the rest of the ship.

LosTech LosTech is a term referring to advanced technology from the Star League era that can no longer be replicated with a modern industrial base. Factories and research facilities were favorite targets in the early centuries of the Succession Wars in efforts to deny weapons technology to one's enemies, but the result was an overall loss of technology for everyone.

Lyreton A system in the Aurigan Frontier, Lyreton was formerly a Capellan garrison world, lost after the Second Succession War. The population of Lyreton is spread across three tropical moons of the system's large gas giant. Each moon is independent, and civil conflict between the moons makes the system a tense and dangerous place.

The Magistracy of Canopus The Magistracy of Canopus is a large Periphery state, located rimward and anti-spinward of Terra. Founded explicitly as a matriarchy, the Magistracy is ruled by a Magestrix. This position is open only to women and usually held by a member of the founding Centrella family.

Maskirovka The greatly feared intelligence arm of the Capellan Confederation consists of two branches: the Chancellor's Hand conducts espionage, gathers intelligence, and commits sabotage in foreign territory, while the Chancellor's Will brutally enforces national security and loyalty among the citizens.

Raju 'Mastiff' Montgomery A battle-scarred MechWarrior with nearly 40 years of combat experience. In addition to mercenary work, Mastiff has served as Master-at-Arms for a number of noble Houses, training their scions in the arts of war. The Ladies Kamea Arano and Victoria Espinosa have both benefited from his training.

MechWarriors Someone who pilots a BattleMech is called a MechWarrior. They typically serve in the armies of the Successor States or in mercenary units. During the Succession Wars, many MechWarriors owned their own 'Mechs and passed them down through the generations as family heirlooms.

Memory Core LosTech. Memory cores were data-storage systems used by the Star League. They were said to hold extensive libraries of information.

Mercenary Review Board Founded in 2789, the Mercenary Review Board (MRB) serves as an impartial broker of mercenary contracts. The MRB is overseen by ComStar, a communications giant that is famous for its neutrality.\n\nAn essential component of modern military culture, the MRB ensures an even playing field between mercenary companies and their employers, and it is quick to arbitrate any breach of contract."

Misjump Errors in jump travel are termed misjumps. A misjump causes the JumpShip to move to an unexpected location, sometimes far beyond the 30-light-year maximum range on jumping. Since this frequently appears to place the ship somewhere it cannot refuel or return from, forensic data about misjumps is limited. Experts believe faulty navigational data to be the most common cause of misjumps, but system malfunctions and even spatial anomalies are also potential causes.

Operation Liberation Operation Liberation (2777-2779) was a military effort to retake Terra from the forces of the Usurper, Stefan Amaris, in the last years of the Amaris Civil War. General Aleksandr Kerensky ultimately succeeded in defeating Amaris, but at a cost of over 100 million lives.

Outpost Castle Enormous defensive fortifications constructed after the Reunification War. Outpost Castles were used throughout the Periphery to help the Star League Defense Force keep rebellious systems in line. Outpost Castles were smaller in scale than the SLDF's famed Castles Brian, but they were no less fearsome.
Peated Scotch "Tastes like wood smoke. I guess that's why I like it… growing up on Nassau Heights, we didn't even get to look at any real trees, let alone burn them." -Darius

Perdition Perdition is a Taurian system planet on the border with the Federated Suns. Its primary industry is aquaculture, exploiting a planetary surface area of over 83% water. The three main continents are Hel, Hades, and Purgatory, and its capital city is Damnation. The leadership of Perdition participated enthusiastically in the Periphery Uprising of the 2700s against the Star League.

Perdition Massacre A chemical attack on the Taurian border system of Perdition that claimed 11,000 civilian lives. Protector Thomas Calderon was quick to blame his neighbors and rivals, the Federated Suns, for the attack.

The Perdition Massacre is the latest in a long string of diplomatic incidents that have raised tensions between the Federated Suns and the Taurian Concordat to a boiling point.

Pirate Jump Point Nonstandard jump points that exist inside a system's proximity limit. Pirate jump points - or pirate points, for short - are hellishly difficult to navigate because they tend to be much smaller than standard jump points and are also subject to the effects of planetary gravitation. As a result, the odds of suffering a misjump when attempting to use a pirate point are high."

Pulse Laser LosTech. A laser weapon that fired several beams in quick succession, allowing vaporized armor to dissipate and increasing localized damage output. The knowledge and techniques required to produce pulse laser weaponry were lost to the Inner Sphere during the Succession Wars."

Quillar A bio-engineered crop that serves as the staple foodstuff of the Inner Sphere. Quillar looks like an ordinary grain, but grows to twice the size of Terran corn, and can be textured and flavored to mimic a wide variety of fruits, grains, and vegetables.

Quillar Fizz Quillar Fizz is a sparkling beverage made from the Inner Sphere's most popular bioengineered crop. It comes in every fruit flavor you can imagine—and some you'd rather not. This can is cherry-pomegranate, and the slogan says, 'Snappy and refreshing without slowing you down!'

Principality of Rasalhague A minor interstellar state conquered 700 years ago by the Draconis Combine. Now officially known as the Rasalhague Military District.

Regulus One of the Free Worlds League's founding trinity, the Principality of Regulus has a checkered past with its fellow members. Regulus is an economic and cultural epicenter of the region and also holds great religious sway for both the Hindus and Sikhs of the Free Worlds League. Regulan traders range far into the Inner Sphere, constantly seeking new goods and markets.

The Rimward Periphery The Periphery is a region of space bordering and surrounding the Inner Sphere. The area directly opposite the galactic core is known as the Rimward Periphery. The Rimward Periphery is home to major states such as the Magistracy of Canopus, the Taurian Concordat, and the Aurigan Coalition as well as a large number of independent worlds.

Rumble Seat An optional secondary passenger seat that can be built into the control area of a BattleMech. Rumble seats are positioned away from all control systems and ejection equipment; those who ride in them have no control over the 'Mech itself, and are utterly at the mercy of the MechWarrior in the cockpit.

Schwartz A minor system in the Draconis Combine of no particular importance.

Sian University Sian University is the most prestigious institution of higher education in the Capellan Confederation. The university welcomes worthy students from across the Inner Sphere, regardless of means. Its economics and political science programs are particularly well respected.

Sian University also operates an excellent Officer Candidate Program for the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces.

Star League Defense Force The Star League Defense Force (SLDF) was the largest military force in human history, with over 100 million soldiers serving in 486 divisions at its peak. The SLDF suffered horrific losses opposing Stefan Amaris in the Amaris Civil War.

Solaris VII Solaris VII is famous for its BattleMech gladiatorial fights. Known as the Solaris Games, these fights are broadcast throughout the Inner Sphere and the Periphery, where fans eagerly follow the careers of their favorite MechWarriors.

Star League From 2570 to 2780, the Star League was an interstellar council formed from the Terran Hegemony, the five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, and the Territorial States of the Periphery. The stability and prosperity of the Star League led to the flourishing of civilization and technology.

The Star League ended in civil war when the leader of the Rim Worlds Republic, Stefan Amaris murdered the First Lord in a bid to usurp his position.

Stefan Amaris, the Usurper Born 2717, died 2779.

As President of the Rim Worlds Republic, Stefan Amaris expanded the Republican army and placed Republican agents in key positions throughout the Star League. He fostered a close relationship with Richard Cameron while the First Lord was in his minority. When Cameron came of age, Amaris guided him toward policies that would move Aleksandr Kerensky's SLDF away from Terra and place Republican forces there instead.

With these preparations in place, Stefan Amaris murdered Richard Cameron on December 27, 2766, and declared himself First Lord, beginning the Amaris Civil War.

Kerensky razed the Rim Worlds Republic and returned to Terra to defeat Amaris's forces and capture him. Stefan Amaris was executed by firing squad in 2779. His remains were donated to the medical school of the University of New Samarkand.

St. Loris St. Loris is an important agricultural center in the Capellan Confederation. In 3010, a notable battle took place between the 2nd St. Ives Lancers and two regiments from the elite Ceti Hussars of the Federated Suns. Much of the planet's vital wheat crop was destroyed.

Succession Wars The Succession Wars were a series of wide-ranging conflicts between the Successor States of the Inner Sphere that lasted from 2786 to the current year of 3025. During these wars, the Great Houses mobilized vast numbers of BattleMechs to destroy each other and claim territory, with the ultimate goal of ruling the Inner Sphere.

A notable consequence of these conflicts was the significant loss of advanced technology from the prior Star League era.

Successor State Five great nations of the Inner Sphere are considered the successors to the Star League. These are known as the Successor States:

The Federated Suns, ruled by House Davion

The Draconis Combine, ruled by House Kurita

The Capellan Confederation, ruled by House Liao

The Free Worlds League, ruled by House Marik

The Lyran Commonwealth, ruled by House Steiner

Terra Terra is the homeworld of humanity. Although Terra orbits a star named Sol, the star system is usually called the Terra system because of the planet's importance.

Terra was the capital of the Terran Alliance and the Terran Hegemony that followed it. It was also the seat of government for the Star League until House Cameron fell in the Amaris Coup. Since 2788, ComStar has administered Terra as a neutral world.

Protector Thomas Calderon Born 2984.

Thomas Calderon succeeded his mother Zarantha Calderon as Protector of the Taurian Concordat in 3017. House Calderon leaders are known for their pragmatism and sound judgment; Thomas is no exception.

Timbiqui Dark Timbiqui Dark is the beer of the Inner Sphere. Brewed with a chocolate malt, it's a medium-bodied beer with low bitterness and a pleasant caramel aroma.

Tortuga Dominions A bandit kingdom made up of entire systems of planets in the Periphery. The Tortuga Dominions' ruthless raids are a thorn in the side of both the Federated Suns and the Taurian Concordat.

Triple-F Burger The flagship sandwich sold by Triple-F restaurants throughout Federated Suns space.

WarShip LosTech. Enormous, heavily-armed military vessels equipped with both transit drives for moving through normal space and Compact Kearny-Fuchida drives for FTL travel.

In the height of the Star League, great fleets of WarShips ruled the stars. Today, they are considered functionally extinct.

Yardship LosTech. A class of jump-capable spacecraft that were built with integrated docks and shipyard facilities. In the height of the Star League, Yardships served as mobile shipyards, allowing for ship construction and repair in locations that lacked traditional docking facilities. It is unknown whether any Yardships have survived into the modern era, but many spacers consider them to be functionally extinct.