Template:Unreferenced The BattleTech wargaming franchise includes many authorized titles in various genres, including tabletop wargames, roleplaying games, collectible card games and video and computer games.

Tabletop wargames Edit

Title Catalog Year Publisher
BattleTech, Second Edition16041985FASA
BattleTech, Third Edition16041992FASA
BattleTech, Fourth Edition16041996FASA
Classic BattleTech: Introductory Box Set[1]350002007Catalyst Game Labs
BattleForce 217031997FASA
The Succession Wars16121987FASA
MechWarrior: Dark Age 2002WizKids
MechWarrior: Age of Destruction 2005WizKids

Roleplaying games Edit

Title Catalog Year Publisher
MechWarrior, Second Edition16411991FASA
MechWarrior, Third Edition17151999FASA
Classic Battletech RPG350302007Fantasy Productions

Card games Edit

Title Year Publisher
BattleTech Collectible Card Game1996Wizards of the Coast

Video and computer games Edit

Title Year Developer / Publisher Platforms
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception1989Westwood Studios / InfocomDOS, Amiga, C64
BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge1990Westwood Studios / InfocomDOS
BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat1994Extreme Entertainment GroupSega Genesis
MechWarrior1989Dynamix / ActivisionDOS, Macintosh, SNES
MechWarrior 30501995Tiburon Entertainment / ActivisionSNES
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat1995ActivisionDOS, Windows, Macintosh, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy1995ActivisionDOS, Windows, Macintosh
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries1996ActivisionDOS, Windows, Macintosh
MechWarrior 31999Zipper Interactive / MicroProsePC
MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon1999Zipper Interactive / MicroproseWindows
MechWarrior 4: Vengeance2000FASA Interactive / MicrosoftWindows
MechWarrior 4: Black Knight2001Cyberlore Studios / MicrosoftWindows
MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries2002Cyberlore Studios / MicrosoftWindows
MechCommander1998FASA Interactive / MicroProseWindows
MechCommander 22001FASA Interactive / MicrosoftWindows
MechAssault2002Day 1 Studios / Microsoft Game StudiosXbox
MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf2004Day 1 Studios / Microsoft Game StudiosXbox
MechAssault: Phantom War2006Backbone Entertainment / MajescoNintendo DS
MechWarriorTBAPiranha Games / Smith & Tinker Windows , Xbox 360
BattleTech 2018 Harebrained Schemes / Paradox Interactive Windows, Linux, OS X

Multiplayer online games Edit

Asterisks denote titles not officially sanctioned or associated with the franchise.

Title Year Developer / Publisher Platforms
BattleTech 3030*2002?-VolunteersMUX
BattleTech 3065*1998-VolunteersMUX
BattleTech: The Frontier Lands*
Inner Sphere 3028* MUX
MegaMek*2002VolunteersWindows, Macintosh
The Shack, MekWars Campaign*2007VolunteersWindows, Macintosh
Multiplayer BattleTech: EGA*1992-1996Kesmai
Multiplayer BattleTech: Solaris*1996-2002Kesmai
Multiplayer BattleTech 30252001Kesmai / EA GamesWindows

Arcade games and simulators Edit

Title Year Manufacturer Platform
BattleTech VR1990Virtual World EntertainmentTesla
BattleTech: Firestorm Virtual World EntertainmentTesla II
MechWarrior 42002?Tsunami Visual TechnologiesTsuMo

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