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Liberation of Weldry
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General data
TypeStoryline mission
EnvironmentTundra (+10% heat sink efficiency)
  • Breach the gates
  • Defeat the enemy lance
Related quests
Capture the Argo
leads to:
Liberate Panzyr

Liberation of Weldry is a storyline mission in Battletech, available after completing at least one contract after capturing the Argo.

Synopsis[ | ]

This is it - our first strike against my uncle's Directorate. Our first step toward justice. While I lead the Restoration Army against Weldry's primary spaceport, you will launch a sneak attack against the Icebox and liberate it. I know that you can do this, Commander. We can do this. Together.

Liberating Weldry changes the political landscape of the Reach in one fell stroke, breaking Espinosa's hold over the Founding Council by securing the hostages he transferred to the planet with the Concordat's help.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • This is a strike mission in a tundra setting, with the expected opposition consisting mostly of heavy vehicles and turrets. Be sure to pack in some LRMs for long-distance fire against turret generators and at least one MechWarrior with improved call shots and high powered weapons. Until you get past the initial fortification and wreck the two turret generators, you are free to maneuver. Then the warden wakes up to the fact he's getting attacked and start sending heavy opposition against you, including a Bulldog, Scorpion, and Striker by the interior road and a Bulldog with a Scorpion by the coast. The perimeter is also covered by turrets powered by four turret generators.
  • Your initial goal is to breach the gates, either by jumping over the walls or destroying the gates themselves. The gates are defended by a pair of turrets each (a sniper and a standard turret at the right and an assault and a sniper one on the left).
  • Once you're inside, the warden will deploy a reserve lance of four mechs: Jenner JR7-D, Centurion CN9-A, JagerMech JM6-S, and a Trebuchet TBT-5N. The lance is powerful, but in mediocre repair. Wiping out the JagerMech will make the fight much easier. After two turns expire you're joined by Kamea Arano in Kintaro KTO-18, flanking them from the north. She's a powerhouse and the objective to keep her alive is generally self-fulfilling.
  • The end is... Kamea realizes that the entire facility is less of a prison and more of a concentration camp where the Directorate imprisons, tortures, and breaks dissidents and other opponents of its regime. Among the victims is the Mastiff: Raju Montgomery was taken prisoner and tortured to death over the past three years. Kamea changes her plan and issues a public proclamation of defiance, declaring open war on the Directorate and revealing the truth about Weldry to the Reach.

Rewards[ | ]

The Argo