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Liberation: Coromodir
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General data
TypeStoryline mission
  • Reach Coromodir
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Liberation: Coromodir is a storyline mission in Battletech.

Synopsis[ | ]

This is the start of the final confrontation with the Directorate. Arrive at Coromodir and demand the Director's immediate surrender.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Kamea wants to defeat the Directorate once and for all. With Coromodir isolated from what remains of its holdings across, Lady Arano wants to secure the surrender of House Espinosa by demonstrating the Restoration's power, flying her fleet over the capital and forcing Santiago to concede.
  • However, when she actually talks to her uncle - for the first time in years, despite the conflict - he offers her a deal: Leave Coromodir in his hands, consolidate her power elsewhere, and leave Madeira as hostage in his care. When she declines, Lady Arano orders the immediate deployment of all her forces to the surface of the planet.
  • As the battle rages across the planet, the Director unleashes his final weapon: Ostergaard. He has gone rogue, seizing control of Iberia, executing most of his command staff when they attempted to relieve him on command, and turning its weapons and battlemechs on the Restoration, to rob Lady Arano of the future - just as she did to him when she took his son from him by destroying the Newgrange. It's time to find a way for David to tackle Goliath: Take down a Fortress-class dropship without the means to do it.