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Liberate Tyrlon
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General data
TypeStoryline mission
  • Eliminate hostile units
  • The gun batteries must be down before Restoration DropShips enter weapons range
  • Take out the generators powering the shipyard's antiorbital gun batteries
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Liberate Tyrlon is a storyline mission given by the Arano Restoration as part of the campaign in Battletech, available after completing a couple of contracts after Extraction.

Synopsis[ | ]

This is it – the Directorate's last stronghold on the way to Coromodir. The restoration is going to liberate this system and set House Parata free. Lady Arano has an invasion fleet en route to take the spaceport in a surprise attack, but the shipyard's gun batteries are going to be a problem. You need to take them off-line before the ships arrive. In seizing Tyrlon, you deprive the Directorate of its primary shipyards and most of its dropship fleet, effectively crippling them.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • This is a timed strike mission, with the opposition consisting of vehicles and a variety of mechs. Bring a lance with good speed and firepower, since you have to destroy 3 power generators scattered around the map within 17 rounds in total.
  • OpFor consists of various turrets, a Quickdraw, Jenner, two Strikers, and two Spiders. As soon as two of the marked Spiders are destroyed, a Dropship will bring in reinforcements consisting of a Spider, Vindicator, Trebuchet, and JagerMech.
  • Destroying the generators also destroys the turrets in their vicinity.
  • Enemy artillery will be used against you. Destroy 3 marked Spider 'Mechs to silence the bombardment (these are special prototypes created by the Directorate as artillery observers).

Outcome[ | ]

  • The taking of Tyrlon is a decisive turn in the battle for the Reach, as the Directorate suddenly loses both its dropship fleet and shipyards. In recognition of this fact - and proof of Espinosa's involvement in the Perdition Massacre - Lady Arano is contacted by Elena Marisol-Chaplin, personal attache to Protector Thomas Calderon. The Ministry of Intelligence has verified that the recording provided is genuine - as a result, the Taurians officially break ties with the Directorate, negotiate a de-escalation of force with the Federated Suns, and withdraw all of their fleets.
  • Lady Arano decides to prepare for the final push on Coromodir, to take down Director Espinosa and send a message to the people of the Aurigan Reach: The Arano Restoration is victorious.