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Liberate Panzyr
Liberate panzyr
General data
TypeStoryline mission
EnvironmentPolar (+20% heat sink efficiency)
  • Take control of the Directorate's turrets
  • Don't allow any Directorate reinforcements to land
  • Destroy the spaceport's DropShip control center
Related quests
Liberation of Weldry
leads to:
Liberate Smithon

Liberate Panzyr is a storyline mission given by the Arano Restoration as part of the campaign in Battletech, available after completing a couple of contracts after Liberation of Weldry.

Synopsis[ | ]

The Restoration Army is already entrenched on Panzyr's surface, fighting against the Directorate for weeks. As you arrive, the battle is just about over. However, before victory is pronounced, there is the small matter of the Directorate suddenly seizing the last remaining space port. The Restoration Army can't allow them to call in reinforcements. With the support of the 2nd Decimis Fusiliers, you will destroy a Directorate-held DropShip control center, cutting off their ability to navigate Panzyr's orbital debris field. This also means that Sumire gets to brag about bringing the Leopard down through Panzyr's orbital debris field (a souvenir from the Amaris Civil War) unassisted.

To make things worse, there's also been a major chemical attack on Perdition, a Taurian border world neighboring the Federated Suns, which killed eleven thousand civilians. The incident is already pinned on House Davion, which is declared in direct violation of the Ares Conventions by Protector Calderon. War looms on the horizons - and you suddenly have a deadline.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • This is a timed strike mission in a polar setting, with the opposition consisting of vehicles and a variety of mechs. Bring a lance with good firepower, since you'll fight a lot of enemies at the same time - and heat is not much of a problem on this map. Since the objectives are timed, there isn't room for fooling around during this mission: The ADV Coronach is in orbit and will arrive soon.
  • Your initial goal is to destroy 5 vehicles (2 Bulldogs, 2 SRM Carriers and a Striker) guarding the garrison within 6 rounds, so that the 2nd Decimis Fusiliers can reprogram the turrets against the enemy. The SRM carriers take absolute priority, as they can wreck your mechs and leave them in a poor shape for the rest of the mission. To have your best shot here, scout forward with your heaviest mech not your lightest - your first move will put you in range of the vehicles and you want to have all 4 of your mechs engaging within the first turn of contact.
  • After that you must destroy the DropShip control center within 15 rounds after the mission started. Guarding the control center is 6 fully armored mechs: Jenner JR7-D, Centurion CN9-AL, Trebuchet TBT-5N, Panther PNT-9L, Hunchback HBK-4G and a Dragon DRG-1N. Remember you get help from the turrets, but they still put up a solid fight. Getting in weapons range will force the enemy mechs to attack you, keeping the turrets in the game freedom to attack the enemy from the sides and rear. The Hunchback and Dragon both have unpleasant close-range attacks so arguably it's worth taking them out first from a distance.
  • At any rate, prioritize destroying the command center if you're having trouble. At 100 HP, a salvo from four medium lasers is enough to destroy it. Note though that it has high walls that block line of sight, you will need to be on the approach to it or inside the walls to be able to take direct-fire shots. Once it's gone, then it's a matter of evacuating from the center, between the dropships.

Rewards[ | ]

  • For Kamea, a free Panzyr and Lord Pierre-Louis Decimis and House Decimis supporting House Arano's claim to the throne. For you, lots and lots of salvage and over a million of C-Bills - plus mysterious data on the hard drive... Which means your next goal is House Smithon. Also, an unlimited store of Griffin GRF-1N mechs in store.