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Liberate Itrom
BT Liberate Itrom
General data
TypeStoryline mission
EnvironmentMartian (-25% heat sink efficiency)
  • Take advantage of Itrom's sensor interference to approach Directorate units unseen
  • Eliminate Directorate Mechs to secure resource storage silos
  • Act quickly to prevent the Directorate from sabotaging the silos
Related quests
Defense Smithon
leads to:
Defense Panzyr

Liberate Itrom is a storyline mission given by the Arano Restoration as part of the campaign in Battletech, available after completing a couple of contracts after Defense: Smithon.

Synopsis[ | ]

The Directorate has taken possession of Itrom's largest processor and refinery, and is attempting to loot the attached silos of rare and valuable minerals. We want you to claim them for the Restoration instead, in order to boost the war effort and provide the Restoration with a massive amount of exotic materials: To the tune of a year's worth.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • This is a timed strike mission in a martian setting, with the opposition consisting of a variety of mechs and vehicles. Bring a lance with good firepower and heat management, since you need to swiftly take out the opposition. The capture of each silo is timed from the moment the enemy detects you, so you need to act quick.
  • Your mission objective is to capture up to 3 storage silos one at a time, and you need to take control of at least one storage silo to succeed. It's natural to capture this silos in order: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.
  • Each silo will be guarded by a lance of mechs/vehicles, and as soon as they see you or you attack them, you have 5 rounds to clear the opposition before the silo is set to self destruct. The units guarding the silos are:
  • After you capture the first silo an evac zone will appear, and you can end the mission or capture the remaining silos as you wish. Each captured silo increases your payout by 25%, so it's well worth the hassle.

Rewards[ | ]

  • The strike provides enough supplies and a distraction for Restoration forces to swarm and take Itron, liberating Lady Samantha Gallas, who promptly defects to the Restoration. She gives the leadership evidence of the Directorate's treachery, or rather, a lead: All the data is stored on Guldra. Lord Madeira's parents have collected an insurance policy for themselves, which contains blackmail on every member of the Directorate up to Santiago himself.
  • As soon as she gives the lead, however, the Castle is destroyed by a fuel air bomb planted by Directorate forces. House Gallas is wiped out, but the Restoration has a lead to follow in order to get the Taurians off their backs.
  • Lord Madeira decides to follow this lead himself with an inconspicuous bodyguard, in order to spare Guldra the bloodshed associated with an outright invasion. Against Kamea's advice, he goes in, while it's up to you and your company to hold the line.