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The Leopard in orbit over Ur Cruinne.

The Leopard is an extremely small and cramped DropShip belonging to the Marauders. It's your only means of transportation until you acquire the Argo. It also cannot be upgraded at all, unlike the Argo.

The Leopard has a very small crew complement. Your staff consists of XO Darius Oliveira, Chief Mech Tech Yang Virtanen, and Navigator Sumire Meyer.

Command center[ | ]

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Staffed by XO Oliveira, the command center contains the contracts interface, allowing you to browse and accept contracts.

Barracks[ | ]

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The barracks on the Leopard are represented by a screen next to XO Oliveira. You can improve your pilots' skills (unlocking new abilities), dismiss them, and hire new pilots here. The Leopard is limited to just eight bunks for MechWarriors, though.

Mech bay[ | ]

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The mech bays are where the magic happens. Overseen by Chief Mech Tech Virtanen, the bays can store only six Mechs and cannot be upgraded (hey, it's a small dropship).

Navigation[ | ]

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The part of the bridge with the star map (see star systems for more details) and Navigator Meyer. She can introduce the gameplay mechanics to you.

Captain's quarters[ | ]

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Your personal quarters, where you can customize the company (changing its name, color pattern, and insignia), review the ledger and just how deep in trouble you are finance-wise, and review your current standing with the major factions.