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Jason Castro
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Jason "Kingwolf" Castro is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Jason Castro is the firstborn son of the Duke of Rio in the Draconis March of the Federated Suns, and as such he received all the best training available, and was taught to know his own value. He was one of the first graduates from the newly rebuilt Robinson Battle Academy, and was assigned a position of responsibility early.

Unfortunately, despite his lineage, his training and his confidence, he lacked the wisdom to lead his command well. Too soon after receiving his commission, he bungled an attack on a superior Draconis Combine force along the border. His entire unit was wiped out, and he barely escaped with his life.

Horrified, his father pulled strings to have him sent home to relative safety. While Jason accepted the opportunity to resign his commission, he refused to return to Rio, and instead headed out to the Periphery to pick up work as a mercenary. While he is still too arrogant to admit it, he is hoping to acquire the experience and wisdom he needs to somehow make up for the disaster of his first command. Meanwhile, he affects a hard-bitten cynicism beyond his years.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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