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Planet climate arctic
  • Arctic World
  • Tropical World
  • Low Gravity Planet
  • Primitive Civilization
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  • Former Star League Presence
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  • Jump Distance4

    Kimi is a planet in the Aurigan Reach in Battletech.

    Description[ | ]

    The presence of two habitable worlds in this system, one arctic and one tropical, make it a rarity. Both are ruled by a theocracy, the New Salvationist Order, that preserves the ruins of SLDF bases in-system as religious shrines.

    Kimi's land consists of two biomes each belonging to a single planet. Both were previously used as star league outposts which were subsequently abandoned over the course of the second millennia. Each world contains different peoples with similar culture due to the previous connection between both planets.

    Shops[ | ]

    Max specials

    The player is able to purchase various pieces of Star League tech such as double heat sinks. These shops are run by various non-primitives.

    Interactions[ | ]

    Kimi and it's planets are governed by a primitive, technology worshiping cult. One could compare Kimi and it's inhabits to pre-spaceflight civilisation.

    Before the 3000s, Kimi was ruled by a faction, house, and corporation, but as of the new millennia, Kimi has been relieved of any controlling party due to the apparent uselessness of the planet. Post-control, Kimi became a theocracy worshiping new founded shrines that were once star league era bases. Inside contained pre succession war tech that the former controllers overlooked. Later Insurgent leaders raided most of the in system ISDS facilities.

    From post control to now, Kimi remains a theocracy that worships historic ruins and technology. It has never been touched by any outside party.

    Strategy[ | ]