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Jenner JR7-D
ChrPrfMech jennerBase-001 portrait.png
General data
Stock RoleFast Striker Cavalry
Tonnage35 t (21.5 t base)
Cost3,300,000 C
C. Torso
  • 2 x Missile
UixTxrIcon jenner.png
L. Arm
  • 2 x Energy
R. Arm
  • 2 x Energy
Melee35 (+45 instability)
Death from Above35 (+45 instability)
35 damage to self
C. Torso
L. Torso
UixTxrIcon jenner.png
R. Torso
L. Arm
R. Arm
Mobility and detection
Speed190 km/h
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: -50%
SensorsSpotting distance: +25%
Sensor range: +40%

Jenner JR7-D is a Light-class 'Mech in Battletech.


The Jenner D is both a scout and a fast harasser. While almost as quick as the Spider and Locust, the Jenner is much more heavily armed, with four Medium Lasers and an SRM-4 rack. The JR7-D also sports top-of-the-line Jump Jets for added mobility.


  • The Jenner has a limited loadout (circa six tons) after you max its armor, so you need to specialize: Either full laser or two SRM6 racks, giving it plenty of punch for its weight.
  • Alternately, take the stock JR7-D, and swap out two medium lasers for a second SRM-4. The one ton of ammo should be sufficient for both SRM launchers in most scenarios you might field a Jenner in. This gives you a bit more heat efficiency and more stability damage, while still having a couple of ML's for single-location punch.


  • Yang's Thoughts: Jenner Ds run hot, and they run fast but can quickly bound into combat to deliver a knockout punch, even against heavier units. Their capability with speed and weaponry tends to come at the expense of lower armor capacity, though.
    • As a result of this, Jenners can make for very effective hammers to heavier units' anvils, able to rush in, deliver a huge amount of damage very quickly, and then evacuate to a safer location. Train their pilots correctly to allow for a double salvo before you need to start considering escape, and the stock Jenner can remain a relevant mech all the way until you start fielding assault mechs.
  • With a pilot that's got Sure Footing and Bulwark, it's very possible to achieve as many as 7 stacks of Evasion in a sprint and nearly as many with a jump or normal move. Though the Jenner is a light 'Mech, a sufficiently positioned and deployed Jenner can scout the enemies consistently and soak up a surprising amount of shots, by means of most hits failing to connect. Naturally, this strategy depends on staying out of melee range.